Propaganda (Band)

Propaganda is a German synthpop band that was founded in 1982 in Dusseldorf, and especially the mid-1980s was an international success.

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Propaganda was founded in 1982 by Ralf Dörper after he had to leave the band Die Krupps. Together with Andreas Thein and Susanne Freytag took propaganda as a trio two tracks on, including but not an interpretation of the piece Discipline of the avant-garde group Throbbing Gristle. At this time a release of an EP for the English record label Operation Twilight was planned, which had previously been licensed solo material from Dörper (Publications of the German indie labels Rondo and Pure Joy) for England. This plan, however, was rejected by Dörper, as was signaled him that Paul Morley and Trevor Horn of ZTT Records interest in the project had propaganda.

Michael Mertens and Claudia Bridges came to 1983. The British label ZTT Records, the group took under contract and produced in 1984, the song Dr. Mabuse The band moved its domicile to the UK. Producer Trevor Horn and journalist Paul Morley, who already recently with the Art of Noise and Frankie Goes To Hollywood had worked, made ​​use of the new technical possibilities of sampling in particular, the computer-based recording and arrangement. So the playback of the song was initially created as an experiment in the computer completely. Dr. Mabuse was a commercial success and respect was shortly after the show as excellent produced pop number, published by the several produced complex and differentiated maxi-singles. Under the influence of Morley, ZTT tried using the video clips to give the artwork and the media campaigns of the band an artistic avant-garde claim, which stood out from the usual marketing scheme of pop music.

According to Dr. Mabuse Thein left the band. The very successful singles in Europe Duel and P -Machinery appeared in 1985 with the album A Secret Wish, exceeded its sales over time the one million mark. The part Morley designed artwork for the single P -Machinery pointed to a quote by JG Ballard, in which he described the activities of the Red Army Faction as comprehensible. The German record company Ariola then refused to publish the cover in this form so that another quote from Ballard was used for the German market. The album was characterized by elaborately produced, danceable synth beat with a strong emphasis on melody from, worn by supercooled song of the singers Claudia bridges and Susanne Freytag. This was followed by, inter alia, a world tour, in which the group was completed by former members of Simple Minds bassist Derek Forbes and drummer Brian McGee. End of 1985, the remix album Wishful Thinking appeared.

Break with ZTT ​​in 1986 and disbanded

Differences between the band members and the record company ZTT led in 1986 to the dispute and then to the exit of bridges, who was married at the time with ZTT ​​manager Paul Morley. Claudia bridges stayed with ZTT ​​- first along with Thomas Leer as Project Act and 1990 as a solo artist with the album Love: and a Million Other Things.

After a long legal battle the band managed to leave the contract, and propaganda moved to Virgin Records. 1990 saw the album in 1234, which differed from the ZTT - style of the first productions with a new cast. The attempt thus to build on the earlier successes, was only moderately successful. Band founder Ralf Dörper left the band during studio recording of 1234, but left his handwriting on the songs Vicious Circle, Wound in My Heart and Only One Word. Although the success of the album remained far behind the back of Secret Wish, it helped propaganda but to the only No. 1 hit, the band has ever had. Wound in my Heart was a hit in South America and chart toppers No. 1 in 1990 in Argentina. With Andreas Thein Dörper took under its project name Rififi on the European Acid - dance hit Dr. Acid & Mr. House. Then Dörper reformed his old band Die Krupps. Propaganda was continued after 1234 by Michael Mertens, with the original line-up no one was left, and the band became inactive shortly thereafter.

Reunification in 1998 and 2004

In 1998 the band by Mertens, bridges and Freytag was re-formed and a contract with the Warner Music Group belonging to East West Records signed. The success did not materialize. Only the Single No Return was released, a planned album did not materialize. 2002 declared bridges reunification failed.

For the first time back in the original cast with bridges, Dörper, Freytag, Mertens joined Propaganda in November 2004 at the Wembley Arena in London in honor of producer Trevor Horn on. In addition to propaganda also played artists like Seal, Grace Jones, ABC and the Pet Shop Boys. In early 2006, appeared of propaganda - without bridges and Dörper - a comprehensive four pieces of vinyl record at the Düsseldorf label Amontillado. Claudia bridges is now singer of the duo Onetwo, which, inter alia, the opening act for Erasure was on tour in 2007. The other part of the group assumes Paul Humphreys of Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, has been dating privately with the bridges.

Ralf Dörper is still active worldwide with the industrial band Die Krupps on concert stages - for example, in the summer of 2011 on the kinetics Festival in Montreal. In October 2007, propaganda appeared in the German TV show The Ultimate Chart Show in the occupation from 1985 back to together. The rumor about a reunion of the band was confirmed there in an interview. 2010 succeeded propaganda an unusual chart success in the UK, as the debut album A Secret Wish was reissued in expanded form and could be placed again in the regular British charts.



  • A Secret Wish ( 1985)
  • Wishful Thinking (1985 )
  • 1234 (1990)
  • Outside World (2002)
  • Noise And Girls Come Out To Play / A Compact Introduction To Propaganda ( 2012)


  • Dr. Mabuse (1984 )
  • Duel ( 1985)
  • P: Machinery ( 1985)
  • P: Machinery ( Reactivated ) ( 1985)
  • Heaven Give Me Words ( 1990)
  • Only One Word (1990 )
  • How Much Love (1990 )
  • Wound in My Heart ( 1991)
  • P: Machinery (anniversary reissue) (1995 )
  • Valley of the Machine Gods (2006)