Puerto Tirol

Puerto Tirol is a named after the historical region of Tyrol small town in Northern Argentina Chaco Province, 15 km from Resistencia.

Founded Puerto Tirol by General Antonio Donovan, who was from 1888 to 1893 Gobernador the newly acquired province of Chaco and at the opening of school this nameless settlement that name selected, the originating Italian, mostly from the area of ​​present-day region of Friuli -Venezia Giulia immigrants introduced in their old, brought from Europe Crest: Tirol. To this county was their old home at the time of emigration. Though founded in 1891 is generally regarded, but was celebrated in 2003 in Puerto Tirol a large 115 -year anniversary, so that there is as official founding in 1888. Situated on a small river called the Rio Negro city has been variously "los Tiroleses " also called " Colonia Tirol" or with the name of their residents, but enjoys no way that fame came to the other places with more or less true Tyrolean past as eg the major tourist Bariloche in southern Argentina or the small town of Villa General Belgrano in the vicinity of the old university city of Córdoba, which the locals often because of the many fair-skinned, northern Italian ( " Tyrolean " ) immigrants " pampa gringa " is called.

The survival secured Set in the immediate catchment area of ​​the city of Resistencia place the factory Unitan who had founded the Swedish -born Gustavo Adolfo Lagerheim from Buenos Aires to recover the dye tannin from quebracho tree. Famous Puerto Tirol is also for the Church of San José, every year on 22 May attracts around 100,000 young people who worship through this pilgrimage of Santa Rita de Casia. The choice - " Tyrolean " Don Heraclio Pérez, famous for its Chamamé dances, Tirol immortalized in a song still known today in Argentina.

Shortly before the 115 - year anniversary of the local politicians began to establish contacts for today's Italian region Trentino -Alto Adige, in order to send in this way the visible impoverished place funding. So a Asociación Trentina was established in 2001 and in 2003 divorced from office Gobernador, Rozas, officially visited the Autonomous Province of Bolzano ( South Tyrol). Established in 2003, acting mayor, Daniel Vallejos, of course, knew among the inhabitants of his city no descendants of the Italian Tyrol ( Tiroler Welsch ) more.

The stops Shield of Puerto Tirol.

The Church of Puerto Tirol.

The tannin factory of Puerto Tirol with the only paved road.

The pharmacy of Puerto Tirol.