Ramon Berenguer IV, Count of Provence

Ramon Berenguer V of Provence (* 1205 in Aix -en- Provence; † August 19, 1245 ) was a Count of Provence and Forcalquier. He was a son of Count Alfonso II of Provence and the Garsinde ( Gersende, Garsenda ) of Sabran, Countess of Forcalquier. His grandfather was King Alfonso II of Aragon.

After the death of his father in 1209, Ramon Berenguer was educated at the Aragonese court in Monzón while for him first his great-uncle, Count Sancho of Roussillon led the regency in Provence. 1219 he could even take over the government. In his intention to centralize power in Provence, he led an anti- urban policy. He made ​​himself the Albigensian Crusade of the French King Louis VIII advantage of the conquered in 1226 Avignon and the city subsequently withdrew its privileges. Ramon Berenguer also abolished the consulates from Arles and Tarascon, with Marseille, he was long at war. In foreign policy, he refused at first to his liege lord, the Emperor Frederick II, in order to win this as an ally against the Count of Toulouse. The Emperor, he supported the fight against the Lombard cities, but after the failure before Brescia in 1239, he moved to the side of the Pope, for which he was occupied by the emperor to the imperial ban. This drove Ramon Berenguer on the side of France, through the marriages of his daughters began the increasing alienation of Provence Reichslehns the Holy Roman Empire.

Ramon Berenguer was buried after his death in the church of Saint -Jean -de -Malte, Aix -en- Provence.


On June 5, 1219 he married Beatrice of Savoy ( 1201-1266 ), a daughter of Count Thomas I of Savoy. The couple had four surviving daughters. The two oldest were married already reigning kings, while the husbands of the two younger came later to royal honors. The youngest daughter of Ramon Berenguer was used as the heir of his lands.

  • Raimund (died early)
  • Margaret of Provence (1221-1295) married Louis IX. the Holy King of France and had with this eleven children, including the later to become King of France Philip III. and Robert of Clermont, the founder of the Bourbon dynasty.
  • Eleanor of Provence (1223-1291) married Henry III. Plantagenet King of England and had with this nine children, including the later to become King of England, Edward the Longshanks.
  • Sancha of Provence (1225-1261) married Richard of Cornwall later to become the Roman-German King, had three sons with this and thus became the ancestress of the house Cornwallis.
  • Beatrice of Provence (1233-1267) married with her ​​brother Charles of Anjou and King of Naples and Sicily and had seven children with this, including the later to become King of Naples and Sicily, Charles II of Anjou, who afterwards became Latin Empress Beatrix and the afterwards became Queen of Hungary Isabella.