RFC stands for:

  • Request for Comments, an English term for a request for comment on a proposal; often referred to a number of technical and organizational documents of the Internet
  • RFC Editor, a group within the Internet Society ( ISOC), which brings Requests for Comments in its final form
  • Reconstruction Finance Corporation, a 1932-1953 existing in the U.S. government institution
  • Remote Function Call, an English term for a technique for the implementation of software interfaces
  • Request for Change, an English term for a change request in change management projects
  • Reversible fuel cell, see reversible fuel cell, a fuel cell, which also allows the reverse operation
  • Ramoji Film City, a film studio complex in India
  • Royal Flying Corps, the British Army Air Force from 1912 to 1918
  • Reduced Folate Carrier, see Folattransporter 1, a transport protein
  • Reactive frontal chromatography, a method for the determination of catalytically active metal surfaces
  • Reitendes Military Police Corps, itself an abbreviation for the existing one from 1740 bis 1918/1919 Royal Prussian Mounted Military Police Corps
  • Reflection Characteristic, a specific reflectance properties of objects in terms of radiation at the Remote Sensing
  • Royal Football Club - known bearers of the name are: RFC Liège, a Belgian football club
  • RFC Seraing, a former Belgian football club
  • RFC Tournai, a Belgian football club
  • Cardiff RFC, a Welsh rugby club
  • Gloucester RFC, an English rugby club
  • Llanelli RFC, a Welsh rugby club
  • Moseley RFC, an English rugby club
  • Neath RFC, a Welsh rugby club
  • Newport RFC, a Welsh rugby club
  • Swansea RFC, a Welsh rugby club
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