Richard de Clare, 3rd Earl of Hertford

Richard de Clare, 3rd Earl of Hertford (* around 1153, † 30 October to 28 November 1217 in Oxfordshire, England ) was the son of Roger de Clare, 2nd Earl of Hertford and Maud de Saint Hilary. Acquaintance he is under the name Earl of Clare; he owned half of the Giffard heritage.

Richard attended the coronation of King Richard I on September 3, 1189 in Westminster in part, and to that of King John on May 27, 1199th Even with the homage of the Scottish king William I in Lincoln ( Lincolnshire ) he was present.

He married around 1172 Amice FitzWilliam, Countess of Gloucester (c. 1170, † 1220 ), the second daughter of William FitzRobert, 2nd Earl of Gloucester and Hawise de Beaumont.

Since he the barons against King John joined, although he had previously praised peace in Northampton, his castle of Tonbridge was taken away. He played a leading role in the negotiations for the Magna Charta, and was one of the 25 barons who should monitor compliance with the Charter. On November 9, 1215, he was one of the plenipotentiaries on the part of the barons, who negotiated peace with the king. In the same year his property in Cambridge, Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex were given to Robert de Betun. He and his son were among the barons, who - were excommunicated by the Pope - also in 1215.

Richard and Amice Some time before 1198 had been ordered by the Pope to divorce due to the near kinship. You completed the separation for a while, but then have obviously agreed with the Pope.


  • Gilbert de Clare (* 1180 in Hertford, Hertfordshire, † October 25, 1230 ), 4th Earl of Hertford, 1st Earl of Gloucester
  • Maud ( Matilda ) de Clare (* 1184 in Lincoln, Lincolnshire, † after 1220 )
  • Richard de Clare (* 1184 in Hertford, † March 4, 1228 in London)