Richard Thompson (musician)

Richard John Thompson OBE ( born April 3, 1949 in London ) is an English folk rock musician.


1967 Thompson belonged to the founding cast members of Fairport Convention. He stayed for five studio albums and a live album with the band until 1971 he decided to start a solo career. During the recording of his solo debut, Henry the Human Fly Thompson also worked as a studio musician for his former Fairport Convention, Sandy Denny and colleagues Ian Matthews. Henry and the Human Fly came in 1972 to market, commercially a flop - Thompson described it once as the fastest withdrawn from the market album in the history of his American record company Warner Brothers. In the same year, Thompson was also a member of the short-lived folk-rock formations The Bunch and Morris On, in which different sizes of the English folk scene played. End of the year Thompson toured through the U.S. and with Sandy Denny by Britain and began recording with Linda Peters to make, whom he married shortly after.

Richard and Linda Thompson began in 1973 with the recording of their first joint album I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight, was published in 1974. This was followed Hokey Pokey and Pour Down Like Silver in the following year. End of 1975, attracted the two of them temporarily from the music scene back to live with a Muslim community in the vicinity of London. Meanwhile, Iceland Records released two albums in 1976, which previously contained unreleased demos and live recordings; Guitar, Vocals was a Richard Thompson solo album while on Live ( More or Less ) recordings of both Thompsons are heard.

1978 The Thompsons returned with a new record deal with Chrysalis Records back in the studio. At First Light will hear a influenced by Islamic music of British folk-rock. After the '79 production Sunnyvista the pair of Chrysalis was fired. For the next album, they could win Gerry Rafferty as a producer. However, Thompson was not satisfied with the result and let it disappear into oblivion. Some of the songs later appeared in other production Shoot out the Lights and Hand of Kindness. Some original recordings appeared on Watching the Dark. Thompson took instead the purely instrumental solo album Strict Tempo! on, which appeared in 1981. The next LP Shoot out the Lights then produced Joe Boyd. It was released in 1982 on the label Hannibal Records and is the best-selling album to date by Richard and Linda Thompson. A little later they separated, both on a personal and musical level from each other.

For his next solo album Hand of Kindness, which came on the market in 1983, Richard Thompson initially remained in Hannibal. Just before he left the label in 1984 to sign with Polydor Records, nor Small Town Romance was published, can be heard on the various acoustic live recordings from 1982. Boyd was the producer of Across a Crowded Room, Thompson's debut on Polydor. The album was relatively successful, but after the 86s successor Daring Adventures flopped, Thompson was fired a second time.

The following year, Thompson was working on a soundtrack for the BBC and teamed up with John French, Fred Frith and Henry Kaiser, with whom he recorded Live, Love, Larf and Loaf. In 1988, he then got a new contract, this time with Capitol Records, and even published in the same year Amnesia. ( Can be heard on the various British folk artist ) After another album of French, Frith, Kaiser and Thompson and participation in Hard Cash released in 1991 finally Rumor and Sigh, which was a commercial success. It was followed by the soundtrack to the film Sweet Talker 1992 1993 Hannibal Records published more Thompson recordings entitled Watching the Dark, and then three more solo productions Thompson came to the Capitol on the market. Mirror Blue ( 1994), You? Me? Us? (1995) and mock Tudor (1999). 2001 Thompson was fired by Capitol.

In 1997, Thompson had joined forces with Danny Thompson to a short-lived duo who recorded the concept album Industry. Furthermore, appeared on the indie label Cooking Vinyl albums The Old Kit Bag (2003) and Front Parlour Ballads (2005) and a number of live albums on different labels. In addition, there are two Richard Thompson Tribute Album: The World Is a Wonderful Place was published in 1993 Victoria Williams, Christine Collister, Tom Robinson, Plainsong are among the artists that play Thompson songs.. 1994 Beat the Retreat was released, pay their tribute to the bands and musicians such as REM, Bob Mould, X, June Tabor, Bonnie Raitt, Dinosaur Jr. and Martin Carthy Thompson.


With Fairport Convention

  • Fairport Convention (1968 )
  • What We Did on Our Holiday ( 1968)
  • Unhalfbricking (1969)
  • Liege and Lief (1969 )
  • Full House (1970 )
  • Live at the LA Troubadour (recorded 1970, released 1976)
  • The Boat (1983 )
  • Gladys ' Leap ( 1985, as a guest on one track )
  • Expletive Delighted ( 1986, as a guest on one track )
  • The Other Boat (1986 )
  • The Third Leg (1987 )
  • 25th Anniversary Concert ( 1992)
  • The Cropredy Box ( 1997)
  • Cropredy 2002: Another Year Another Palindrome (2002)
  • Fairport Unconventional ( Free Reed 4CD - Box, 2003)
  • Cropredy Capers ( Free Reed 4CD - Box, 2005)

With The Bunch

  • The Bunch (1972 )

With Morris On

  • Morris On ( 1972)

By Linda Thompson

  • I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight ( 1974)
  • Hokey Pokey (1975 )
  • Pour Down Like Silver ( 1975)
  • Live ( More or Less ) (1976, live and studio recordings )
  • First Light ( 1978)
  • Sunny Vista ( 1979)
  • Shoot out the Lights (1982 )
  • Strange Affair " (1994, live album )
  • The End of the Rainbow " (2000)

With GP 's ( Ralph McTell, Dave Pegg, Dave Mattacks )

  • Saturday Rolling Around (1998, live album )

With French, Frith, Kaiser, Thompson

  • Live, Love, Larf and Loaf (1987 )
  • Invisible Means (1990 )

With Ashley Hutchings ' Big Beat Combo

  • Twangin 'n' A- Traddin ' (1994 )

With Danny Thompson

  • Industry (1997)

With Philip Pickett

  • The Bones of all Men ( 1998)


  • Henry the Human Fly (1972 )
  • Guitar, Vocals (1976, live and studio recordings )
  • Strict Tempo! (1981)
  • Hand of Kindness (1983 )
  • Small Town Romance (1984, live recordings )
  • Across a Crowded Room (1985 )
  • Daring Adventures (1986 )
  • Amnesia (1988)
  • Rumor and Sigh (1991 )
  • Sweet Talker: Original Music from the Movie (1992 )
  • Watching the Dark ( 1993)
  • Mirror Blue ( 1994)
  • Two Letter Words (1996, live album )
  • Industry (1997)
  • Celtschmerz (1998)
  • Mock Tudor (1999)
  • Action Packed - The Best of the Capitol Years ( 2001)
  • Guitar, Vocals (2002)
  • Semi-Detached Mock Tudor (2002, live album )
  • The Old Kit Bag (2003)
  • More Guitar (2003, live album )
  • Ducknapped (2003, live album )
  • The Chrono Show (2004, live album )
  • Faithless (2004, live album )
  • Live from Austin, TX (2005, live album )
  • Front Parlour Ballads (2005)
  • Grizzly Man ( 2005 Original Soundtrack)
  • Some Enchanted Evenings (2006, live album, MFSL )
  • Sweet Warrior ( May 2007)
  • Live Warrior (2009, live album )
  • Walking on a Wire (2009)
  • Dream Attic (2010)
  • Electric ( 2013)