Rosel Zech

Rosel Zech (* July 7, 1940 in Berlin, † August 31, 2011 ibid; Complete name Roselie Helga Lina Zech ) was a German theater and film actress. After their discovery by director Peter Zadek it was promoted by him; well known, however, it was through her work with Rainer Werner Fassbinder.



Rosel Zech was born as the daughter of a boatman and a seamstress in Berlin and grew up in Hoya. Her first engagement as an actress she had in the season 1959/60 on the southeast Städtetheater (now the State Theatre of Lower Bavaria ) in Landshut, where she debuted as Bianca in Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew. From 1963 to 1965 she was at the Theater Biel Solothurn and the Summer Theater Winterthur operates, then until 1970 at the Schauspielhaus Wuppertal. At the State Theatre Stuttgart, she took over in 1967 and 1970 guest roles. 1972 undertook Peter Zadek it to the Schauspielhaus Bochum, its artistic director until 1979. His production of Hedda Gabler with Zech in the title role ( and with Ulrich Wild and Hermann Gruber lice ) in 1977 invited to the Berlin Theatre Meeting. From 1978 to 1980 Zech was seen in Hamburg in four productions of the Deutsches Schauspielhaus, all productions of Zadek, including Hedda Gabler again in the same occupation as in Bochum. After that, she starred in three productions of the Freie Volksbühne Berlin. From 1980 it was mainly at the Bavarian State Theatre in Munich, but also in Vienna, seen at the Salzburg Festival and at the Deutsches Schauspielhaus in Hamburg. In 2009 she played at the Luisenburg Festival, the title role in Mother Courage and Her Children.

Film and Television

Her debut before the camera was Rosel Zech in 1970 in the television film The Pott (director Peter Zadek ). In 1973 she was seen in a small role in The Tenderness of Wolves with Kurt Raab and Margit Carstensen. During the filming, she met Rainer Werner Fassbinder, who produced the film. With Fassbinder worked together later frequently. In the same year Peter Zadek occupied the actress in his film version of Little man - what now? with Henry and Hannelore Hoger Giskes. Other films and television films followed, among them was to be seen in a film adaptation of Anton Chekhov's The Seagull or Henrik Ibsen Hedda Gabler. In the children's movie The Crocodiles from 1977 she played Mrs. Wolfer man, the mother of one of Crocodiles. In Peter Fleischmann's science-fiction film The Hamburger disease in 1979, she played alongside Helmut Griem and Fernando Arrabal.

Two years later it was occupied by Rainer Werner Fassbinder in the film Lola in a supporting role as the wife of Mario Adorf. In Fassbinder's next film Veronika Voss, she played the lead role. Your convincing portrayal of a morphine- addicted actress was decisive that the film was awarded in 1982 at the International Film Festival of Berlin with a Golden Bear.

In the following years, Rosel Zech concentrated mainly on work in television. Her portrayal in The Knapp Family, The Bertini, The Indian Doctor (1994-1996) and several appearances in the crime series The Old Man and the scene made ​​Rosel Zech the wide television audience known. Since 2003, she starred in the series For heaven's sake, the Mother Superior.

Internationally Rosel Zech worked. So she stood for director Percy Adlon on the side of kd long before the camera. The drama Salmon Berries in 1991 awarded at the World Film Festival and made Zech known abroad. In addition, Zech was awarded the Bavarian Film Award for Best Actress for this film. In addition, she has appeared in many German films like Aimée and Jaguar, fathers, Anatomy 2 or ventricular fibrillation.

Rosel Zech was one of the most famous actresses of the German film, not least because of the numerous awards for her acting performances. Rosel Zech lived in Berlin, where she was last seen in numerous theater roles.

In summer 2011 she was diagnosed with Rosel Zech bone terminal cancer which is why they no longer participated in the eleventh season of the ARD series for heaven's sake. End of August 2011, she succumbed to her illness. In summer 2012 it was announced that the unmarried Zech next to her friend Juliane Lorenz ( President of the Rainer Werner Fassbinder Foundation ) had the 23- year-old student Marc -André Heidelmann used testament to their heirs.