Sabtang Island

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Sabtang is the southernmost island of the Philippine province of Batanes, which is located in the north of the country.

The small island is very mountainous shaped by many eruptions. In the southwest of the island, the coast is very rocky and drops steeply into the sea. The island population was 1678 inhabitants with the prior census in 2000.

The island forms with two small islands to the west side ( Ibuhos ( Ivuhos, Ibahos ) and Dequey ) the community Sabtang.

The six villages of the island meet the barangays of the municipality ( population census in 2000 in brackets). Biggest place is Sinakan in the northeast of the island.

  • Chavayan (180) (South)
  • Malakdang (285) (North)
  • Nakanmuan (126 ) (North West)
  • Savidug (210 ) ( East)
  • Sinakan (526 ) (North East)
  • Sumnanga (351) (West)