Saturday Night Fever

  • John Travolta: Tony Manero
  • Karen Lynn Gorney: Stephanie Mangano
  • Barry Miller: Bobby C.
  • Joseph Cali: Joey
  • Paul Pape: Double J.
  • Donna Pescow: Annette
  • Bruce Ornstein: Gus
  • Julie Bovasso: Flo Manero
  • Martin Shakar: Frank Manero Jr.
  • Sam Coppola: Fusco

Saturday Night ( Original Title Saturday Night Fever ) is an American dance film from 1977, which is about the lives of young people in the New York club scene, and the resulting subculture there. Directed by John Badham. The film opened on 13 April 1978 in West German cinemas.


The plot of the film is based on an article in the British journalist Nik Cohn, who appeared in 1975 under the title Tribal Rites of the New Saturday Night in a magazine.

Tony Manero is a young man from Brooklyn and clerk in a paint store. His weekly highlight is the visit to the local disco 2001 Odyssey. He is no longer the little clerk of everyday life, here he is the " king of the dance floor ." At the disco, Tony Stephanie learns, and the two decide to join together on a dance competition. Although Tony would be interested in a relationship with her, Stephanie rejects this first, since it considers that it can pursue bigger goals, and Tony does not correspond to their level.

The two train together and win the dance competition, but Tony is in contrast to Stephanie about the victory not happy because a competing pair that was clearly better after Tony's opinion, did not get the first prize only because of his Puerto Rican descent. After discussion, Tony and Stephanie decide to be just friends.


John Travolta was nominated in 1978 as Best Actor for the Oscar. The film for Best Picture - Comedy or Musical, John Travolta, the film music and the song How Deep Is Your Love? the Bee Gees in 1978 nominated for a Golden Globe Award. The soundtrack album for some time was No. 1 on the list of best selling albums of all time.

2010 Saturday Night Fever was incorporated as a particularly worthy of preservation American film in the National Film Registry.


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Saturday Night solved in later years of some debate. Cause was a scene in which a rape of a young woman the critic 's view was shown greatly trivialized.


" One in atmospheric details, but on the whole superficial life image of youth in Brooklyn in the 1970s. "


After the production of musicals like Jesus Christ Superstar, Hair and Evita producer Robert Stigwood tried to repeat film also through the medium of this success. First, the music on singles was released to start the film in December 1977 after enough advertising. After many people had seen the film, the double LP was released. The same principle was used for the produced the following year by RSO music movie Grease.

Saturday Night Fever triggered a global " disco wave ", which was reflected in the music (disco music ), fashion and the lifestyle of young people. For John Travolta "Saturday Night Fever" the beginning of his career and the role earned him even an Oscar nomination. The soundtrack to the film helped the group Bee Gees to a downright sensational comeback and became the best-selling soundtrack of all time ( according to the Guinness Book of Records 2002). Several decoupled from the music album singles sold millions of copies and reached the top places of the charts worldwide.

1983 tried Sylvester Stallone as a director with the sequel Staying Alive on the success of Saturday Night Fever to tie. Travolta slipped again in the role of Tony Manero, the Bee Gees headed back out in the music. The film was not a big commercial success.

Fran Drescher, known from the television series "The Nanny", played a small supporting role ( " Connie ").


From this film, there are two dubbed versions. According to an interview with Thomas Dannenberg, which he gave for the Spencer / Hill - bonus DVD, the new sound version of 2001 was necessary because the old soundtrack was not Dolby Digital 5.1 capable. Nevertheless, both Tonfassungen are included on the DVD released in 2002.

Musical version

In 1998, Saturday Night Fever in London premiered as a musical. In Germany you could see Saturday Night Fever 1999-2002 in the Musical Dome in Cologne. After that it was still to be seen in Munich, Basel and Dusseldorf.