Frölunda HC ( since 1971 )

Indoor Athletics Championships 2013

The Scandinavium is a multi-purpose arena in Gothenburg, which was opened in 1971 for the 350th anniversary of the city. Since then, the hall is home of the ice hockey club Frölunda HC of the Elitserien.

Before the construction of a design competition was held, in which the architect Poul Hultberg came out as the winner. Hultberg also developed the plans for the entrance hall, which was in 1990 attached to the building. This new input since contains the main ticket office, a restaurant, a bar, an office area and a restaurant of the fast food chain McDonald's. The roof was designed in the style of an inverted paraboloid and thus similar to the Pengrowth Saddledome in Calgary.

Since the ice boundary consists of variable tempered glass, the field size can very quickly from international ( 61x30 m) to North American standards ( 56x26 m) can be reduced. In addition to the Ice Hockey World Championships in 1981 and 2002, other important sporting events such as international championships or the Davis Cup final and the Euro Vision Song Contest 1985 took place at the Scandinavium.