Scomberomorus maculatus

Scomberomorus, also called Spanish mackerel ( en. Spanish Mackerels ), is a genus of marine predators from the family of mackerels and tunas with 18 species. Many species are for the people as a sport fish and commercial fisheries of importance. The type species is Scomberomorus regalis.

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Both dorsal fins are separated. The first dorsal fin has 12 to 22 hard jets. Often the first part of this fin is dark. The second dorsal fin consists of 15 to 25 soft rays, after which followed six to eleven Flössel. The anal fin has 15 to 28 soft rays, followed by five to eleven Flösseln. As fast swimmers, they have a large, deeply divided caudal fin. The pelvic fins are very small and breast constantly. The Scomberomorus species have spindle-shaped body, is the largest species Scomberomorus sinensis with a maximum length of 247 centimeters. The snout is longer than the rest of the head. The rear part of the maxilla, is exposed. A swim bladder is never available. In the upper and lower jaws sit 5 to 35 sharp teeth. In many species the lateral line is very irregular, often drops its course from the second dorsal fin from. The back is bluish, the sides silvery and patterned in most species with stripes or spots.

Distribution, habitat and biology

Scomberomorus species occur mainly on the shelf in the Western and Indo-Pacific ago. Some species are also common on the eastern Pacific coast and the western Atlantic coast. TRITOR With Scomberomorus the species is also common on the eastern Atlantic coast and in the Mediterranean, Scomberomorus commerson migrated through the Suez Canal into the Mediterranean. The animals prefer coastal waters and often live as a group of fish. These are predators that feed mainly on smaller fish, such as anchovies, but also shrimp and cephalopod.


Outer systematics

The genus is classified in the tribe Scomberomorini whose monophyly has not been clearly demonstrated within the Scombridae. Scomberomorus is in a sister group relationship with the monotypic genus Acanthocybium.

Inside systematics

The genus includes the following 18 species. Scomberomorus brasiliensis is considered by some authors as a synonym of Scomberomorus maculatus.

  • Scomberomorus brasiliensis Collette, Russo and Zavala - Camin, 1978.
  • Scomberomorus cavalla ( Cuvier, 1829).
  • Torpedo mackerel ( Scomberomorus commerson ) ( Lacépède, 1800).
  • Scomberomorus concolor ( Lockington, 1879).
  • Scomberomorus guttatus ( Bloch & Schneider, 1801).
  • Scomberomorus koreanus ( Kishinouye, 1915).
  • Scomberomorus lineolatus ( Cuvier, 1829).
  • Scomberomorus maculatus ( Couch, 1832).
  • Scomberomorus multiradiatus Munro, 1964.
  • Scomberomorus munroi Collette & Russo, 1980.
  • Scomberomorus niphonius ( Cuvier, 1832).
  • Scomberomorus plurilineatus Fourmanoir, 1966.
  • Scomberomorus queenslandicus Munro, 1943.
  • King mackerel ( Scomberomorus regalis ) ( Bloch, 1793).
  • Scomberomorus semifasciatus ( Macleay, 1883).
  • Scomberomorus sierra Jordan & Starks, 1895.
  • Scomberomorus sinensis ( Lacépède, 1800).
  • Scomberomorus TRITOR ( Cuvier, 1832).