SE is an abbreviation for:

  • Ecuador to the ICAO code
  • Latin: Societas Europaea, dt: European company, the type of joint stock companies in the European Union
  • Special influence as an item in the profit and loss account
  • Samoa Air, an airline IATA code
  • Damages in insurance
  • Einstein, a German Children's and Youth Series
  • Protection unit
  • Sweden, the country code according to ISO 3166
  • Wrought iron, steels with low carbon
  • Welding, electrical, see electrical welding
  • Seborrheic dermatitis, a skin rash
  • Secretaría de Economía, Mexico
  • His Excellency 's form of church dignitaries and other honorary persons, see Excellence (title)
  • Secondary emission or secondary electron
  • Engl:. seleucidian era, dt: Seleucid era
  • Transmitter receiver, a radio ( military )
  • Sergipe, a Brazilian state (ISO code )
  • The obsolete Siemens unit, see Ohm
  • Simultaneous Engineering
  • Societas Europaea, a legal form of joint stock companies in the European Union (European Company )
  • Software Engineering, see Software Engineering
  • Special property, a technical term of the law of property
  • Sony Ericsson, a Swedish- British mobile hardware manufacturer
  • Engl:. South - East = East the postal district of South East ( South East London ) (as initial character of a postal code in the United Kingdom)

SE as distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • Germany: Segeberg
  • UK: Glasgow
  • Norway: Haugesund in Rogaland county,
  • Austria: the district of Steyr -Land
  • Portugal: Setúbal (only for truck trailer)
  • Slovakia: Okres Senica
  • Spain: Sevilla Province ( discontinued)
  • SE / СЭ, Mongolia: Selenge

Se is the abbreviation for:

  • Excrete Sekretorsystem, the genetic trait of humans, soluble blood group antigens in body fluids (not )
  • Selenium, a chemical element

The abbreviation se stands for:

  • Nordsamische the language according to ISO 639-1
  • The top -level domain for Sweden, see. se
  • Flame retardant in chemicals and logistics

Se stands for:

  • Se ( logs), one of the six tribes of Tibetans (see: Sinmo )

Sé called episcopal churches in the Portuguese -speaking world:

  • Lisbon Cathedral, a cathedral in the Portuguese city of Lisbon
  • Sé (Porto ), a center of the Portuguese city of Porto
  • Cathedral of Porto
  • Sé de Braga, a cathedral in the Portuguese city of Braga, see Braga Cathedral
  • Sé (Funchal ), the Cathedral in Funchal, Madeira

SE is:

  • The 29th letter of the Armenian alphabet, see Ս

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