Shaun Livingston

Shaun Livingston ( born September 11, 1985 in Peoria, Illinois ) is an American basketball player. He plays the position of point guards.

He was elected at the 2004 NBA Draft in fourth place Los Angeles Clippers, where he completed his first three professional years. After a serious knee injury and a generally high susceptibility to injury the Clippers offered him no maximum contract and Livingston moved to the Miami Heat, but for which he only completed four games before he was transferred to the Memphis Grizzlies and released the same day. On 31 March 2009, he signed a multi-year deal at Oklahoma City Thunder, but this was disbanded on 22 December of the same year. On 26 February 2010 Livingston signed the first of two 10 - day contracts with the Washington Wizards, where he then took the rest of the season. On 20 July 2010 he signed a two - year contract for a total of $ 7,000,000 for the Charlotte Bobcats. In the first year with the Bobcats he came in 73 games at an average of 17.3 minutes. As part of the NBA Draft in 2011, he moved with a comprehensive three teams bartering to the Milwaukee Bucks. After one season, he was traded from the Bucks to the Houston Rockets. For the Rockets Livingston ran only in the pre-season, after his contract was dissolved. Mid- November 2012, the Washington Wizards took him under contract. He was released in December 2012. Since then, he stood by the Cleveland Cavaliers under contract. For the 2013/2014 season he moved to the Brooklyn Nets, there to relieve Starpoint guard Deron Williams.

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