Shaun White

Shaun White ( born September 3, 1986 in Carlsbad, California, USA) is an American professional snowboarder and skateboarder. He won the Air & Style Contest in 2003 and 2004. At the Olympic Winter Games in 2006 he won the gold medal in the halfpipe, and he won the TTR World Snowboard Tour season 2006/07. At the Olympic Winter Games in 2010 he won the gold medal in the halfpipe again. 2014 he took over the majority of shares in the Air & Style Company.


White came with a heart defect on the world. Two surgeries saved his life.


His career began in 1993 in the Windell 's Snowboard Camp in Mount Hood, Oregon, where he the foundations for his later successes trained habits themselves.

Shaun White had already reached the age of 13 third place at the Japan Open and was tenth in the competition Vans Triple Crown of Snowboarding. So he came to his nickname " FutureBoy ". He is also the youngest driver to ever win the U.S. Open Snowboarding Championships.

After he had already finished second in 2002, he could win the 2003 and 2004 Colorado Air & Style Contest in Seefeld and the Honda Session in Vail. The winning streak continued: Next, he won at the X Games slopestyle and superpipe, in the Nippon Open in Japan. He is the First, who was both the slopestyle contest of the U.S. Open, the Arctic Challenge won and Nippon Open Halfpipe winner. To this end, he was already at the age of 16 years world ranking first in slopestyle. White is the first snowboarder to the "back- to-back" double corks could land ( double rotation around 3 axes in two successive jumps ) in the halfpipe during a competition.

White has his own clothing line of Burton, where he is under contract since the age of 13. Under his name every year a new snowboard and boot model appears. As a continuation of a product line which appeared under the name "The White Collection". In November 2004, the film " The White Album ", mainly dealing with his person and his career appeared. White has a 5 year older brother named Jesse, who drove for the Burton factory team. He also has a sister who won the U.S. Junior Open in 2000. Although clearly its concentration in the halfpipe and slopestyle, he allowed himself to win in 2004 for the film First Descent, in which he conquers mountains in Alaska along with legendary drivers.

In the season 2005/ 06 White won virtually every contest which he participated (This is only Terje Håkonsen yet succeeded ). In February 2006, he represented the United States at the Olympic Winter Games in Turin, Italy, and won the gold medal in the halfpipe. The 2006/07 season he became the overall winner of the Ticket to Ride World Tour. The success of Turin, he was able to repeat the victory at the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver.

2008 appeared his first video game Shaun White Snowboarding.

In February 2009, the Austrian beverage company Red Bull, White built a half-pipe made ​​of natural snow in the back country of Colorado, in the Silverton Mountain. This half-pipe he used until the expiry of the sponsorship agreement in September 2013, since October 2013 he has built from the camera manufacturer GoPro halfpipe in Perisher at Mount Kosciuszko in Australia's Perisher Valley.

2012 reached Shaun White at the Winter X Games Aspen the first snowboarder in the category SuperPipe the scoring 100th This rating was assigned simultaneously herewith for the first and only time in the history of the X Games.


His skateboard debut was in 2003 at the Slam City Jam and it was fourth in the halfpipe. This qualified him for the X Games, where he finished in sixth place in the discipline Vert ( halfpipe ). Shaun White has developed a Outwear line that sells jackets and pants. In addition, he created in collaboration with "RED" ( Burton - series for protective clothing ) a new helmet that can be used both as a skateboard, as well as a snowboard helmet.

In the Summer X Games in 2006, he tried in the discipline Skate Vert several times a 1080 °, which consists of a three-fold rotation around its own axis. Despite several attempts, however, he could not land this trick.

Furthermore, he is a good driver of the famous skateboard Tony Hawk, Shaun White which is committed for his own team ( Birdhouse Skateboarding ) as a driver friend.

In 2011 he won at the X Games gold medal in the discipline Vert ( halfpipe ).


  • 2002 MackDawgProduction "Pulse"
  • 2003 MackDawgProduction " shakedown "
  • 2004 The White Album
  • 2005 First Descent
  • 2005/2006 The Community Project
  • 2005/2006 91 Words for Snow
  • 2006 For Right or Wrong
  • 2007 MackDawgProduction " Picture This "
  • 2008 It's always snowing somwhere
  • 2009 Birdhouse: The Beginning ( Skateboard )
  • 2009 Shaun White: Do not Look Down
  • 2010 The B
  • 2011 Friends with Benefits
  • 2013 Go On (Series)


  • 2008 Shaun White Snowboarding ( PC/PS3/PSP/DS/X-Box 360/Wii )
  • 2009 Shaun White Snowboarding World Stage ( Wii)
  • 2010 Shaun White Skateboarding ( PC/PS3/X-Box 360/Wii )