Sjöbo Municipality

Sjöbo is a municipality (in Swedish kommun ) in the southern Swedish province of Skåne County and the historical province Scania. The main town of the municipality is Sjöbo.


Within the community is the largest part of the lake Vombsjön which supplies the city of Malmö with water.


The community took its present form in 1974, when the communities Blentarp, Östra dyeing, Vollsjö and a part of the community Bjärsjölagård were incorporated by Sjöbo.

The community was known throughout the region in 1988, when 67 percent of voters voted against the admission of refugees in a referendum.


Sjöbo is considered a community with a relatively large proportion of voters of the right edge. Sjöbopartiet is a communal party that strikes regularly for making racist remarks. She reached in the municipal elections in 2002 18.3 percent of all votes, 1994, she was even able to reach 31.8 percent share of the vote.

Outcome of the 2002 election:


In the village there are several churches, of which at least five ( in Södra Åsum, Tolånga, Björka, Blentarp and Everlöv ) date from the 12th century and still today largely have their medieval form, since they had to be largely non- renovated or rebuilt. In the church of Everlöv there are interesting ceiling paintings.

Near the Vombsjön are Övedskloster the castle and the church of Öved.

The end of July each year of Sjöbo marknad instead, a market that has been held since 1864. He attracts every year about 100,000 visitors.


The following places are villages ( tätorter ):

  • Äsperöd
  • Bjärsjölagård
  • Blentarp
  • Lövestad
  • Sjöbo
  • Svansjö och Sjöbo sommarbyar
  • Sövde
  • Vollsjö