Christian Democrats (Sweden)

Kristdemokraterna (short KD, dt: The Christian Democrats) is represented in the Swedish parliament political parties. She is a Christian- social party with strong roots in the Swedish Free Churches. The Christian Democrats reached at the general election in 2010 5.6% of the vote and 19 of 349 seats. Party leader Göran Hägglund since 2004.


In 1964, the party Kristen Demokratisk Samling ( KDS ) was founded. In the first two decades, the party pursued a culturally conservative line with a strong focus on Christian values ​​. The election results were in the first two decades of under two percent. 1987 there was a total revision of the party program and to a name change in Kristdemokratiska Samhällspartiet ( Christian Democratic Society Party). It opened for a more pragmatic, non-denominational policy: Among other things, engaged increasingly in environmental issues and clarified the economic and socio- political positions.

After the party leader Alf Svensson was drafted in the legislative session 1985/88 on the list of Centre Party in the Reichstag, he managed the Christian Democrats in the 1991 election to take the four- percent barrier and move into Group strength in the Reichstag. They took part in the bourgeois coalition government of Carl Bildt ( 1991-94 ), and Alf Svensson became Minister for Development Cooperation. In 1996 the party again the name ( Kristdemokraterna ).

Tensions between the two wings within the party, the devout Christian members and the pragmatists who represent a non-denominational party line on the basis of the Christian value system, were clearly in the election of 1998.

Following the resignation of long-time party leader Göran Hägglund Svensson 2004, Maria Larsson and Mats Odell competed for the presidency. Both Larsson and Odell withdrew their application, however, so that Hägglund was elected on April 3, 2004 unopposed as the new Chairman. Prior to the 2006 election, the Christian Democrats formed with three other parties of the bourgeois camp, the coalition Alliance for Sweden under the leadership of Fredrik Reinfeldt. The alliance won the election, Reinfeldt was elected Prime Minister, and for the Christian Democrats were Hägglund as Minister of Health and Welfare, Larsson Minister for Community Health and social welfare questions and Odell as Minister for Local Government and Financial Markets in the government one.

In the European elections in 2009 it reached 4.7%. The former party leader Alf Svensson was collected by a preferential voting election campaign as the only deputy of the Krist Democrats in the European Parliament. There he is a member of the EPP Group. In the general election of 2010, the Christian Democrats had 5.6% suffered slight losses, due to the good overall result of the alliance, however, this could continue to govern. Hägglund was healthcare and social ministers, Larsson became the new Minister for Youth and seniors. Odell resigned from the government, for him Stefan Attefall resigned as Minister for Public Administration and Housing Administration in the government Reinfeldt.

The Krist Democrats achieve their best election results in the so-called traditional Swedish Bible Belt in the highlands of Småland and there especially in the community Gnosjö.

Reichstag elections

Until 1968, elections to the Second Chamber. Information from Statistiska Centralbyrån.

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