Fredrik Reinfeldt

John Fredrik Reinfeldt (* August 4, 1965 in Österhaninge, Stockholms län) is a Swedish politician. He's since October 2003 Chairman of the liberal conservative Moderate Party and in October 2006 Prime Minister of Sweden.


Reinfeldt joined the Moderate Youth League in 1983 ( Moderata ungdomsförbundet, MUF), the youth organization of the Moderate Party. During his economics studies at Stockholm University, he was the 1988/89 Chairman of the Conservative student organization Civil students - Opposition '68. After graduating in 1990 he was first elected in 1991 in the Swedish Parliament.

1992 Reinfeldt was elected in a vote by 58:55 votes as the new chairman of the Moderate Youth League. He represented a conservative group that stood in opposition to neo-liberal orientation of the then chairman Ulf Kristersson. In this role, which he held until 1995, Reinfeldt supported first the politics of the bourgeois coalition government headed by the Chairman of the moderates, Carl Bildt, at the beginning of the 90s sought to close ranks with the opposition Social Democrats in the economic crisis, but criticized the course Over time, the party leadership always open. In 1993 he published the book The Sleeping people (Det sovande Folket ), in which he sharply attacked the Swedish welfare state and advocated social change in the spirit of neo-liberalism. After the electoral defeat of the bourgeois parties in 1994 he attacked the party chairman Carl Bildt to open, whom he accused of too great a dominance within the party. In his short book published on The Nostalgia Trip ( Nostalgia stripping) recorded Reinfeldt a dozen members of the moderate party leadership as " Carl Bildt - copies ." That earned him a sharp critique of the moderate parliamentary group, which was of the opinion Reinfeldt had exceeded the limits of what is reasonable. After a group meeting on 14 February 1995, the Reinfeldt later as " a single large bollocking " described, he moderated his criticism and positioned himself in the middle of the political party, but was entrusted in the following years with no major political task anymore. In 1997, Reinfeldt was the first president of the newly formed Youth of the European People's Party ( YEPP ). It was not until 1999, after Bo Lundgren had been elected as the new party chairman, Reinfeldt was elected to the Group Executive Board. From 2001 to 2002 he was Chairman of the Legal Committee of the Reichstag.

After the severe defeat of the Conservatives in the general election of 2002 Reinfeldt Chairman, economic spokesman and deputy chairman of the budget committee.

Party Chairman Moderate Party

On October 25, 2003 Reinfeldt was elected unanimously as the new party chairman. In this role, he continued rapidly through significant changes in the political orientation of the party which he oriented more towards the center. Among other things, the requirement was dropped after extensive tax cuts and seen the Swedish model of the welfare state less critical. For these changes new moderates was, in reference to Tony Blair's New Labour slogan from the 1990s, with this his conversion of a British Labour Party had occupied, the slogan coined; also the slogan of Sweden was used new workers' party, with which you attacked the Social Democrats ( Socialist Workers Party). Party Internally, these innovations were not without controversy - critics saw the party controls now from the leftist rhetoric of social democracy, while the proponents considered the change to be necessary in order to win elections. They were confirmed by opinion polls, which reported a doubling of the agreement values ​​between 2002 and 2005.

Prime Minister of Sweden

2004 Reinfeldt was a driving force in the formation of the bourgeois electoral alliance Alliance for Sweden ( Allians för Sverige), which won the 2006 general election for himself and thus replacing the Social Democratic government of Göran Persson.

Reinfeldt had the end of 2007 on its long-standing political companion, the State Secretary Ulrica Schenström refrain. She had to resign after the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet had publicized that they had happily drinking wine and with a reporter turtelnd in a restaurant, even though she had emergency service in the crisis management team that night.

With the Swedish EU Presidency in 2009 Reinfeldt was as scheduled on July 1, 2009 Chairman of the European Council. He was also the last politician in this office since the Lisbon Treaty entered into force in the same half of the year, with the rotating Presidency was abolished and replaced by an independent presidency.


Reinfeldt is divorced and has three children. 1989 met his future wife Filippa Reinfeldt Holmerg at a congress of the Moderate Youth know. Three years later, the couple married in Stockholm. From this marriage three children were born: Gustav, Erik and Ebba. Filippa Reinfeldt was community director ( kommunalråd ) in matrimonial residence Täby until she was elected on 7 November 2006 by the County Council of Stockholm as Head of the health care system ( sjukvårdslandstingsråd ). The couple announced their separation in March 2012, announced in July the divorce papers were filed. Since 20 February 2013, the couple is officially divorced.