Swedish general election, 2002

  • V: 30
  • S: 144
  • MP: 17
  • C: 22
  • FP: 48
  • KD: 33
  • M: 55

The election to the Swedish Parliament in 2002 took place on 15 September 2002.


Election result

Election winners were the Social Democrats ( S). They could continue to maintain its position as the largest party in parliament, increasing their earnings compared to the previous election by just over 3.5 percentage points to 39.9 percent. Election loser, however, were the Conservatives (M). They fell by 7.6 percentage points to 15.3 percent.

Government formation

After failed efforts of the liberal People's Party, along with the Christian Democrats, the center and the countryside as well as the support of the Conservatives bring about a change of power, remained the Social Democratic minority government under Prime Minister Göran Persson as before, with the support of the Left Party and the Greens in office.