The Soling is a sporty keel boat for a crew of three people, which was used up to the Games in Sydney in 2000 at the Olympic sailing competitions. He is an internationally widespread class of boat. As sail sign the letter omega is used.


January Linge (1922-2007), Norwegian engineer and member of the technical committee of the ISAF was in 1963 one of the first who learned of the intention of the international association, the replace too expensive become 5.5 by a smaller, cheaper and easier to transport keelboat class. A designer competition was announced and also compacts participated with its project " Soling ". The Soling won Compare races before Travemünde and also corresponded to all the demands of the ISAF, which laid the foundation of an almost unique boat career was laid.

Just one year later, in 1967, the new ship international class 1972 Olympic class. The ISAF -Guided and rapid rise of the largest Olympic Soling boat has a great advantage, namely the strict and accurate building codes. The Soling was still up to the 2000 Olympic Games to use. He was then replaced by the constructed also by Jan Linge Yngling. The Lost Olympic status has brought some restlessness in the Soling class. After several difficult years, the class will start to recover. A new setback suffered the class just before the 2006 World Championships in Annapolis, where it was destroyed by a major fire, the entire boats in stock shipyard Abbott, the leader of solings in North America. Including many related to the World Cup shortly before delivery solings. Since the summer of 2007 solings are produced in Argentina, which will meet the increasing global demand for ships again.

Sailing characteristics

Although the Soling, concentrated with more than half of its total weight in the keel, a real since capsizing ship is safe Kiel, he sails in some ways like a dinghy. The tall, narrow sail plan with the non- projecting behind the mast jib provides both high drive power, but requires other hand, according to a very precise trim. Hull and keel shape leave the ship on the cross go very high in the wind. At the same time, however, the Soling can under spinnaker, regardless of its weight, provided corresponding strong wind, come on raumen courses skids.