Space Panic

Space Panic is an arcade game that was produced in 1980 by Universal. It was called by Chris Crawford as the first platform game, which belongs to the genre of the Jump 'n' run. But unlike Donkey Kong's character can not jump. In Germany it was sold by the ADP machines GmbH which belongs to the Gauselmann Group.

Game Description

The game consists of five levels, which are connected by conductors ( Platforms ' n Ladders ). The player controls the character of an astronaut and alien must, apple-shaped monsters dodge or lure and killed by digging a hole in the case. The oxygen supply is limited.

A similar game is Mr. Do 's Castle.


  • Apple II Apple Panic ( 1982)
  • ColecoVision (1983 )
  • VTech Laser - VZ VZ as panic