Sparta (modern)


Sparta (Greek Σπάρτη ( f sg ), Sparti ) is a country town and municipality on the Greek Peloponnese peninsula. It is a vibrant center of trade and commerce, and was until 2010 the administrative center of Laconia Prefecture. The community of Sparta was last increased significantly by incorporations in 2010; 35,418 people live in seven municipal districts, of which around 17,300 in the urban core.


The municipality covers the upper valley of Sparta Evrotas and east is limited by the mountain ranges west of the Taygetos and Parnonas into which municipal district extends far. The neighboring municipalities are in the north Tripoli, on the east side of the Parnonas Voria Kynouria and Notia Kynouria and in the south of the mouth plane Evrotas the community Evrotas. Southwest of the boroughs Dytiki Mani and Kalamata on the western Angang of the Taygetos, northwest joins the community Megalopolis.


The city was founded in 1836 in the southern area of the ancient city of the same name, at the instigation of the Wittelsbach King Otto I of Greece. In its function as a scenic center they replaced the city of Mistra, which had become uninhabitable largely in the wars of liberation. Otto I left the city in memory of the polis of ancient Greece to build at this point and with this name from a Bavarian architect. The road network is a checkerboard pattern created with exceptionally broad streets and squares. The Mayor of Sparta is in decades, New Democracy.


To the north lie the remains of the ancient city of Sparta. The impressive remains little show on the Acropolis hill the temple of Athena Chalkioikos area, the Hellenistic- Roman theater, the large space and further to the southeast, the foundations of the sanctuary of Artemis Orthia. A local museum has on the few interesting tourist artifacts, including the famous torso of the so-called Leonidas from the period after the Persian Wars.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Leonidas Zoras (1905-1987), composer

Twin Cities

  • Lebanon Byblos, Lebanon
  • Serbia Niš, Serbia
  • United States Stamford, Connecticut, USA
  • United States Catonsville, Maryland, United States
  • Australia Moreland, Victoria, Australia
  • Hungary Sopron, Hungary

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