Spektrum Flyers

The spectrum Flyers were a Norwegian ice hockey club from Oslo. The team played from 1994 to 1996 in the Elite series, the highest Norwegian league, and wore their home games at Oslo Spektrum out.


The two top clubs Oslo Manglerud Star and Furuset IF decided in 1994 to the Professional Hockey teams from their departments to merge. The joint team was awarded the starting place Manglerud Star in the Elite series, in which she took up the game operation for the season 1994/95. In its first season, the team in the country, the Oslo Spektrum, played right off the bat the playoff second round, but was defeated there Stjernen and future champion Storhamar Dragons at the time the biggest ice hockey stadium. Reached In the following season the team failed again in the playoff second round. Due to a small audience section and the high cost of home games at the Oslo Spektrum, the management decided in January 1996 to relocate the club to Bergen. Dei playoff home game for the Flyers were held in the mountain halls and attracted up to 2,500 spectators. With the move Manglerud Star announced on collaboration and took the 1996/97 season again with its own professional department the operation of gambling in the Elite series on.

In early summer 1996, the spectrum Flyers were dissolved. The management and employees transferred to the locally-based Bergen IK, which was renamed in Bergen Flyers.

Well-known former players