The GET ligaen (formerly Hovedserien, 1 divisjon, Elite Series, UPC- ligaen ) is the highest professional league in the Norwegian Ice Hockey.


The League was founded in 1934 under the name Hovedserien. . Kept this name until the league for war -related recruitment of gaming operations in 1940 was When the game resumed operation in 1945, the league changed its name to 1 divisjon ( German: First Division ). This name she led until 1990, then followed by a complete reorganization and renaming in Elite series. 2004, the Norwegian cable TV company UPC got in as the main sponsor in the elite series, which meant that the League was renamed to UPC - ligaen. Since UPC changed its name in 2006 in GET, also saw the re-naming of the League in its present name.

Current Norwegian champion the Stavanger Oilers are.


In the season 2009/10 played ten or after the insolvency of the IK Comet nine teams, mostly from the south-east of Norway, in the GET ligaen. First, this team complete 44 games in league play, the top eight teams after the regular season qualify for the playoffs. The two meet last placed in an up and down round to the two winners of the second division, today Divisjon 1 The winners of these games play in the following season in the GET ligaen.

Participants in the 2010/11 season