SsangYong Rodius

The SsangYong Rodius, or also known in some markets SsangYong Stavic is a car model of the Korean automobile manufacturer SsangYong, which is built in the second generation since 2013. It is a large-capacity van.

First generation (2004-2013)

SsangYong Rodius (2004-2013)

In Germany, the Rodius in the spring of 2005 as a seven-seater and only one engine variant, namely the 270 Xdi with 120 kW (163 hp). It rear - and all-wheel drive versions were produced.

The Special for SsangYong motors is that they are just like the high-quality 5 -speed automatic transmission developed under license from Mercedes -Benz and Mercedes get a corresponding spare part number. The five-cylinder engine with 2700 cc capacity is based on the Mercedes -Benz OM 602 and has been in the used in Ssang Yong variant with subsequently supplemented common-rail injection, the name OM662. He reached in the reliability according to the underlying, best OM 602, almost the same power and torque values ​​as the fundamental newly developed in the same period of Mercedes E 270 CDI for the model, more vulnerable OM647. Other vehicle components (seats, interior trim, door handles, but also suspension, underbody ) are mainly based on parts and Mercedes-Benz W 124 W 140 found use in Mercedes -Benz.

The cargo capacity is 875 liters with all seats ( 7 seater ) and up to 3146 l with maximum utilization of funds as transport space. This corresponds with the load of 610 kg ( automatic version ). The interior is variable due to the removable rear seat and the option of 180 ° to rotate the two individual seats of the middle row of seats facing backwards, so that the accessibility of the third row is improved. Both the single seats, and the rear seat can be moved along the longitudinal axis of the vehicle, the individual seats can be folded to tables, the rear seat can be infinitely adjusted or folded in the slope.

The maximum permissible towing capacity is, depending on the version, 2500-2850 kg ( braked). The maximum permissible weight of the vehicle is 2750 kg. The consumption values ​​are the cheapest version (manual, 2WD, model 2007) combined 8.6 l/100km 11.0 l/100km in town, 7.2 l/100km extra urban, CO2 emissions 230 g / km.

In Germany, the Rodius sold despite its relatively low price for a new starting from € 24,900 (2005), in contrast to the conceptually similar, much smaller from the interior, in terms of performance and price but settled in the premium segment, Mercedes- Benz R-Class unusually bad, what not least its eye-catching design is attributed to which the concept car Mercedes Vision GST corresponds to the roof line, which was introduced at the Detroit Auto Show 2002. The goal of about 500 pieces, which wanted to sell per year in Germany SsangYong originally, could never be achieved until the insolvency of the importer Kroymans 2008. After the revival of the business of SsangYong Germany the import of the model has not been resumed.

The registration numbers of the Rodius in Germany (Source: KBA ):

  • 2005: 98
  • 2006: 174
  • 2007: 59

In other European countries (especially Spain; 3352 cars sold in 2007 ) the car comes to a lot better. In addition to southern Scandinavia is a market where the car could be successfully placed. In mainland China, however, the model is built with a slightly modified form as the Roewe 850.

Second generation (since 2013)

SsangYong Rodius (since 2013)

In the summer of 2013, the second generation of the Rodius, which will also be offered again in Germany appeared. For available exclusively as a seven-seater model, a two-liter diesel engine with 114 kW (155 hp) and a torque of 360 Nm is available. As standard, the vehicle has rear wheel drive and a six-speed manual transmission, optional all-wheel drive and is a five-speed automatic available.

In Korea, the vehicle is sold as Korando Turismo.