Steffi Nerius

Steffi Nerius ( born July 1, 1972 in Bergen auf Rügen ) is a retired German javelin thrower and world champion.


Nerius began as a volleyball player and was in the GDR with the team of Dynamo Saßnitz GDR Students champion. Because she was too small for a volleyball career, she was sent to athletics. The javelin was her mother, herself GDR youth champion in the javelin and now volleyball coach taught.

1986 Steffi Nerius was delegated to the Children's and Youth Sports School (from 1991 CJD Christophorusschule ) to Rostock. In 1987 she was in the age group 14 Third of children 's and young people of the GDR, in the last GDR Championships 1990 she came to fifth place in the adult class.

1991 she managed the first international success as a third of the Junior European Championships. In the same year she moved from Rostock, where after the end of the GDR, the conditions for the athletes had deteriorated to Leverkusen.

After years of stagnation followed, injuries and falls in international highlights. The only major success of the 1990s was the victory in the European Cup Final 1995 ( 68.42 m).

The breakthrough to the world top she succeeded in the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, where she was having a width of 64.84 m fourth.

Once in Munich, she always stood on the podium since the European Championships in 2002 at major events ( only German athlete who achieved this ), but never at the top, she fulfilled on 13 August 2006 in Gothenburg her long-time dream and celebrated the victory at the European Championships her first major title. With 65.82 m threw 18 cm further than the Czech Barbora Špotáková ( 65.64 m).

At the World Athletics Championships in Berlin in 2009 she took the end of her career, the gold medal with a distance of 67.30 m.

2008 Nerius was awarded by the German Athletics Association of the Rudolf Harbig Memorial Award. In 2009 she was named the athlete and sportswoman of the year in Germany.

Your personal best is 68.34 meters and with the so-called old javelin 69.42 m.

Success in international highlights

  • 2000: Olympic Games: 4th place ( 64.84 m)
  • 2001: World Championships: 5th place ( 62.08 m)
  • 2002: European Championships: 2nd place ( 64.09 m)
  • 2003: World Championships: 3rd place ( 62.70 m)
  • 2004: Olympic Games: 2nd place ( 64.84 m)
  • 2005: World Championships: 3rd place ( 65.96 m)
  • 2006: European Championships: 1st place ( 65.82 m)
  • 2007: World Championships: 3rd place ( 64.42 m)
  • 2008: Olympic Games: 5th place ( 65.29 m)
  • 2009: World Championships: 1st place ( 67.30 m)


She earned her athletics basics to 1986 in SG Empor Saßnitz under coach Günter Piniak. From 1987 to 1991 she competed for the SC Empor Rostock, then for TSV Bayer 04 Leverkusen. She trained at Rudi Hars (d. 1996), and later with Helge Zöllkau. She is 1.78 m tall and weighs 72 kg.

Steffi Nerius has a degree in physical education teacher and works at their club in disabled sports. In 2004, she oversaw two athletes at the Olympic Games for the disabled, the Paralympics in Athens.


  • 2004: track and field athlete of the year
  • 2008: Rudolf Harbig Memorial Award
  • 2008: " Felix" - coach of the year in North Rhine -Westphalia
  • 2009: Sportswoman of the Year
  • 2009: track and field athlete of the year
  • 2009: " Felix" - Sportswoman of the Year by North Rhine -Westphalia
  • 2011: Leverkusen Lion for improving the image and the image of the city of Leverkusen