Summerside (Prince Edward Island)

Summerside is a Canadian city in Prince County in the province of Prince Edward Iceland. It is the second largest city of the province and the administrative capital for the western part of the island. Summerside was officially declared a town on April 1, 1877 City and again on 1 April 1995.


The area, located in Summerside, was for centuries populated by the Mi'kmaq Indians. Until the early 1700s only a few Arcadians settled ( as the first European-born settlers ). The first permanent European settlement was built in 1840. Simultaneously, a shipyard and a road emerged to St. Eleanor's, the then county seat of Prince County. Prior to a settlement attempt had failed in Princetown.

After 1872, a rail link was established, the port Summer Sides was connected by steamboats with the mainland railway in Shediac, New Brunswick. The port grew into a major transhipment point for all kinds of consumer goods and agricultural exports.

Beginning of the 20th century came the shipbuilding industry into a crisis and Summerside experienced a structural change to the fox fur trade. The city grew during the 1940s, after the Royal Canadian Air Force established a flight school on the outskirts of the city. This base was closed in 1991 and rededicated in an industrial area. Federal and provincial government and municipal government undertook initiatives to diversify the regional economy. The re- incorporation coincided with the merger of cities Wilmot, St. Eleanor's and Sherbrooke with the greater Summerside to the new town in 1995 together.

Summerside spent three years as the home of the fictional character Anne Shirley from the Anne of Green Gables series of novels by the Canadian Lucy Maud Montgomery.


Summer Sides Waterfront is located on the south coast of the island, on the Northumberland Strait. The town is 28.36 km ² and is located on the 4 km wide isthmus that the Northumberland Strait from the Malpeque Bay, a basin of the St. Lawrence Gulf, separates; this is the lowest part of the Prince Edward Iceland.


Major employers are the tax office, Atlantic Turbines, a manufacturer of wind turbines, Testori Americas and Honeywell Engines and Systems. Once Summerside was the world center of the silver fox industry, there are now a silver fox Museum ( see also the article → silver fox fur ).

The City of Summerside has an electric generator for power outages. The electricity of the province is mostly from the mainland.


Basil Stewart, a former police officer, is the incumbent mayor of Summerside. He started in November 2006, his eighth consecutive term and is in two decades in office.

Medical care

The city is home to the Prince County Hospital, which is the second largest in the province.



In Summerside, there is a radio station, FM 102.1 CJRW - FM. CJRW is the only commercial radio station in the province, whose studios are located outside of Charlottetown. The seat of the Prince County offices of CBC Television 's Summerside. Summerside 's daily newspaper is The Journal Pioneer.