Sven Scheuer

Sven Scheuer ( born January 19, 1971 in Böblingen ) is a former German football goalkeeper.


From the seventh to the age of seventeen Scheuer went through all youth classes in his home club, SV Böblingen, before 1988 a professional contract with FC Bayern Munich signed. In his time at Bayern rarely consisted need for missions, he had Raimond Aumann and later with Oliver Kahn two strong goalkeeper in front of him.

From the 1989/90 season he was given the opportunity to excel, and the same international: On 13 September 1989, in the preliminary round of the European Cup of Champions, he stood in the 3-1 success of his team at the Glasgow Rangers 90 minutes in goal. So three days later (9th Round ) when FC Bayern München 5-1 goals victory over VfL Bochum in his Bundesliga debut. Of the 20 games for Bayern Munich he came in the 1994/95 season alone ten times for use and could - though rarely directly involved - combine numerous titles on themselves. Due to negative headlines Scheuer was, as well, suspended Mario Basler 1999 from the game.

In the following years, he often joined the clubs, but received - also due to injuries - just a few applications. In the 2nd Bundesliga he played six times for the 1 FC Saarbrücken and eight times for VfL Osnabrück. His career trailed off in the national league in 2005 with TSV Schoenaich.

Highlight of his career was his appointment to the U-21 national team, for whom he 's 3-0 win over the selection of Luxembourg 90 minutes the Gate " herded " on 30 October 1990.


  • UEFA Cup winners 1996
  • German Champion 1989, 1990, 1994, 1997, 1999
  • DFB Cup winners 1998
  • League Cup winners 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000