Takashi Yorino

Takashi Yorino (Japanese従 野 孝 司, Yorino Takashi, born October 10, 1950 in the Hyōgo Prefecture ) is a former Japanese racing driver and the half brother of Yoshimi Katayama.


Takashi Yorino was more than 20 years active as a sports car racer and denied at this time more than 150 races. The driver trio Yorino, Yojiro Terada and former motorcycle racer and half-brother Yoshimi Katayama ( Yorino and Katayama have the same mother but different fathers, hence the difference in the last name ) were in the Japanese sports car scene a known partnership. Yorino denied endurance races very often either the one or the other partner or with both. The three drivers, all of whom had many years of work contracts at Mazda, were close friends off the track.

His first sports car race he won in 1975, when he was victorious in common with Katayama at the 500 - km race at Suzuka. Yorino drove almost all Mazda prototypes; from 717C from 1983 until the MXR -01 1992.

Inevitably, the Japanese also had many times in the 24- hour race at Le Mans at the start, where he met the eighth reached the best ranking in the standings in 1991; Exceptionally, not only with Japanese teammates, but with the Belgian Pierre Dieudonné as another partner. Yorinos last race was the 1000 km race at Suzuka in 1995 that he could not finish.

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