Tannkosh is in July or August organizing a yearly since 1993 aviation meet by pilots for pilots at the airfield in Tannheim in Upper Swabia. It is the largest aircraft meeting the general aviation in Europe and was initiated by Verena and Matthias DOL.


The name is a portmanteau Tannkosh, contracted from Tannheim and Oshkosh, alluding to the now legendary seven-day air show in Oshkosh EAA AirVenture Oshkosh (Wisconsin ).

An event subscriber for years, the Bundeswehr with all branches of the armed forces. The Air Force, represented by the Air Transport Squadron 61 from the airbase Landsberg / Lech in Penzing with a Transall and the army with multiple helicopters of the Transport Helicopter Regiment 25 ( Swabia ) from the airfield of the Army in Laupheim. and naval aviators.


The meeting took place in 1993 for the first time with 25 ultralights. In 2008 it had grown to 1,300 airplanes from 23 countries, 15,000 visitors were recorded over the three days. An exhibition with about 50 exhibitors, a classic car show, workshops, various air shows and a musical program were offered. 150 volunteers were called for an accident-free and smooth process. Tannkosh 2010 started on Friday 27 August 2010 with the two-time flyover of a Panavia Tornado Fighter Bomber Wing 32 from Lechfeld Air Base. On Saturday 28 August 2010, the Airbus 380 Lufthansa flew in low flight, the terrain of Tannkosh .. On August 27, 2011 marked the 80th time the splashdown of the Do X on the Hudson River in New York. On this occasion, an Airbus A380 flew over the aviation meet Tannkosh, coming from an overflight of the airport Friedrichshafen. 2012 took place not Tannkosh.


On 24 August 2013, at an air show accident occurred when a replica of a Udet U 12 came off the boot drive from the train and a parked aircraft touched. In this case, a man was heavy and two people slightly injured.