The Life and Death of Peter Sellers

The Life and Death of Peter Sellers is an American- British drama film by Stephen Hopkins. It was produced in 2004 with Geoffrey Rush, Charlize Theron, Emily Watson, John Lithgow, Stephen Fry and Stanley Tucci. The screenplay is based on the biography by Roger Lewis.


The film shows the private life of the actor Peter Sellers, the well lit his comedic genius like his nightmarish inner life. The film begins in 1959 with the BBC radio production The Goon Show, accompanied him through various stages of his filmmaking, his marriages, his first child to retreat to his Swiss chalet, where he lets his personal life and his career in Review.


  • Matthew Turner praised on the presentation of Geoffrey Rush and the soundtrack.
  • Encyclopedia of the International film: " The narrative of course antics suggest a depth that the film ultimately fails to redeem. The mystification of the portrait remains on the level of the Transfiguration. "


  • Stephen Hopkins was in 2004 nominated for the Golden Palm.
  • The film as best TV movie and Geoffrey Rush won the 2005 Golden Globe Award. Charlize Theron and Emily Watson were nominated in 2005 for a Golden Globe.
  • The film won an Emmy Award in nine categories, including the Director and Geoffrey Rush in 2005. He was nominated in seven other categories for the Emmy Awards, including for Charlize Theron.
  • Geoffrey Rush, Emily Watson and the film as best TV movie was nominated in 2005 for a Golden Satellite Award.
  • Geoffrey Rush won the 2005 Screen Actors Guild Award, Charlize Theron was nominated for the same price.


The film was shot in North Carolina and in England.