Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line

The Fukutoshin Line (Japanese副 都 心 线, Fukutoshin - sen) is a subway line of the Tokyo Metro in the western center of Tokyo. The sections opened in 1994-2008 range is the latest in Tokyo's train network and is expected to be the last in the near future. Their identification in the course plan is the color brown and the letter F for the stations.


Fukutoshin in Japanese means "second downtown ", the Fukutoshin line connects three of Tokyo's secondary urban centers. Ikebukuro, Shinjuku and Shibuya Prior to opening only the JR Higashi- Nihon had (English East Japan Railway Company), a rail link between these three ( on the Yamanote Line, the Saikyo line and the Shonan -Shinjuku line). the new compound was designed against the overcrowding in this section, and to a favorable passage connection between the northwestern, southwestern and the central part of Tokyo has to offer.

The line was originally planned in 1972 as passage of Shiki to Shinjuku, with the possibility of subsequent extension to Shinagawa Station and the Tokyo International Airport. 1985 suggested that another committee of the Ministry of Transport about ending the race in Shibuya. A portion of the northern end of the originally planned route was unnecessary, after which the plan was improved by an extension to the Tōbu Tōjō main line and the through traffic from the Tōkyō Metro Yurakucho Line.

A 3.2 km long segment of Kotake - Mukaihara to Ikebukuro, which runs parallel to the Yurakucho line was put into operation in 1994. This segment was originally known as the New Yurakucho Line (有 楽 町 新 线, Yurakucho Shin -sen ) is known, and operated without any intermediate stops.

The newest segment connecting Shinjuku and Shibuya over Zōshigaya and Sendagaya with the Meiji Shrine, was opened on June 14, 2008, bringing the Fukutoshin line was officially completed. Also, the operation of the stations Senkawa and Kanamecho that were bypassed by the new Yurakucho line was added on the day. In addition, the link traffic to Kawagoe -shi station is offered at the Tōjō Main Line and the Hanno Station on the Seibu Ikebukuro - line.

Due to technical problems, the trains had in the first days of a delay of up to 30 minutes.

Since 16 March 2013, are Tokyu Toyoko line used with the terminus of the Fukutoshin line in Shibuya. Thus Broad Minatomirai line in Yokohama and the Toyoko line can be routed directly through the Fukutoshin line on the Seibu Ikebukuro Line to Hanno, or the Tōbu Tōjō Main Line after Kawagoeshi what a seamlessly through traffic without switching to the individual sections allows.

Rail vehicles

  • Tōkyō Metro 7000 and 10000 with 8 or 10 wagons
  • Seibu Series 6000 with 10 wagons
  • Tōbu series 9000, 9050 and 50070 with 10 wagons
  • Tōkyū Series 5050 (8 cars ) and 5050-4000 (10 wagons)

Tōkyō Metro Series 7000

Tōbu Series 50070

Tōbu Series 9000

Seibu Series 6000

Tōkyū series 5050

Tōkyū series 5050-4000