Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line

The Marunouchi Line (Japanese丸ノ内線, Marunouchi - sen) is a subway line, part of the network of Tōkyō Metro, one of the two subway companies in Tokyo. She is the second line, which was built in Tokyo. The track is a U-shape from Ogikubo station in the west of the city, through the Economic and administrative district of Shinjuku by the economic center near the Marunouchi Tokyo Station before it reverses direction and moves to Ikebukuro. The color of the Marunouchi Line on the route map is red, the line is the number 4 your stations carry the letter M followed by a number. A branch line leads to Hōnanchō; these three stations are denoted with a small m.

As the first line in Tokyo, the Ginza Line, Marunouchi which runs on standard gauge ( all others are narrow gauge railways ) and uses the shortest trains in the metro network with only six cars. Your age, relatively short trains and few alternative connections to the major interchange station Shinjuku they made a long time one of the most congested lines in Tokyo, with the opening of the Toei Oedo Line has something alleviated the problem. In order to meet the high volume of traffic, ride the trains during the morning rush hour in time of only one minute and fifty- seconds.