Tri Repetae


  • Composition: Rob Brown, Sean Booth

Tri Repetae is a music album by the IDM group Autechre. The published on 6 November 1995 album true today as a milestone of the genre.

The album

Like the previous albums, the group also appeared Tri Repetae on the English electronica label Warp Records. The title suggests that the third album Tri Repetae Autechres is. It was released as a CD, double LP and double cassette. Catalog number of the album was WARP CD 038

As usual with Autechre, released to coincide with the album an accompanying EP, which sprang from the same creative period. This was entitled Anvil Vapre and contained four tracks. The music video for the piece Second Bad Vilbel was transposed by director Chris Cunningham.


The album introduced a new phase in the overall work of the band. First time it was Sean Booth and Rob Brown to break away from traditional structures and to set pioneering trends for the development of electronic music. Most of the pieces are made of a largely abstract, broken rhythm. While these rhythms change gradually minimal and more rhythm elements are superimposed "layered ", short melody fragments are increasingly apparent. It can be clearly heard an Industrial influence, which is reflected in metallic sounding noises.

Tri Repetae marked in the overall work of the band a clear step away from the early, in the compositions relatively simply structured and quiet albums like Incunabula and Amber to complex works such as Confield that even fans of the group initially as " cacophonous assault on established sound and sense of rhythm " ( Thaddeus Herrmann) were perceived.


The cover design to Tri Repetae comes from the English design collective The Designers Republic, with the support of Chris Cunningham and the Gescom artist Russell Haswell.

The outer shell is completely decorated in a simple gold-tone and band name and album title can be seen only on a small sticker. The sleeve includes several color photos of machine parts and technical equipment, but were strongly distorted and thus elude a more detailed description.

The liner notes contain the small print marked " incomplete without surface noise ."

Title list

The total playing time is 72 minutes and 34 seconds. Published in the same year Japan edition of the album includes a previously unreleased bonus tracks:

In North America, a tri Repetae was released in 1996 titled double CD, in which was next to the European version of the album another CD on which the EPs Anvil Vapre and garbage were summarized.


Most critics saw a Tri Repetae - not only for the development of the band itself - a groundbreaking work. Sascha Kösch from the scene FrontPage Magazine awarded the high rating of six stars and ruled:

" The four tracks go from relatively simple but very new grooves from which they still put on an even higher tune without the base to destroy. Time they dig into the groove and get out of his own reason Dubwelten out, sometimes they move easily over it and build it like a cathedral. Autechre develop, as strange as that sounds, their own sound out of nowhere and in a variety which is very unusual, "

The critics of the website almostcool awarded 7.5 out of 10 possible points. The album was darker than previous works of the group but still interesting ( "It's darker than the groups previous work, and a bit more harsh, but no less interesting. "). Tri repeate is an essential work of the IDM genre ( " ... fairly essential in terms of the IDM genre. " ) But also difficult to access and need patience to get involved in the complex structures and pieces ("... it's not something that's very instantly accessible in terms of listening ... one june just place did the complex structures and tracks start to grow nearly everytime you listen to it ... ")

The British magazine The Wire Tri Repetae counted among the best albums of the year 1995 and took it to number 8 in his The Wire End Of Year Lists.

The importance of the album for the development of electronic music, however, resulted only in retrospect. So took the German magazine Musik Express Tri Repetae in March 2005 in the list of the best albums of the 90s. Tri Repetae was number 49 and is in this ranking is one of five placed purely electronic albums.

Also the website allmusic awarded the highest rating of five stars. Allmusic critic Ned Raggett rated:

"Tri Repetae stands on its own as varied, perfect album, as clear evidence of Autechres unique musical genius. "

"Tri Repetae stands as a Varied, accomplished album, clear evidence of Autechre 's unique genius around sound. "