Intelligent Dance Music

Intelligent Dance Music (IDM ) is a genre name in electronic music. The term is relatively blurred and is not for a single genre, but for different styles of electronic music. IDM can roughly be described as the intersection of different influences such as Techno, Breakbeat, Drum and Bass, Industrial, Ambient, Clicks & Cuts, Indietronica and musique concrète. Characteristics of the music are exploring and employing unusual sounds, for example by means of overdriven modulation frequencies in sound effects used, such as Flanger, Vibrato, glitch or distortion, as well as rhythmic and melodic complexity.


The term was first used in the 90s, especially in the English language for the classification of innovative electronic music. The term is supposed to be mainly an indication that is required by the listeners intelligence, by which is meant that the music after normal pop - scales is difficult to access. The music pieces are unlike techno playful, melodic and complex. Often unconventional time signatures ( like 7 /8) as well as frequent time changes are incorporated.

However, the term is not uncontroversial, since it implies directly that other sorts of electronic dance music for less intelligent audience were determined. The opposing view to this thesis is that it is in other species of electronic music without a doubt handle less complex music and the name IDM is referring to the producers, not the audience. Although the classification as " Dance Music " is intended to indicate the electronic mode of production, but functions largely inappropriate as a "dancing" in the traditional sense is usually not possible and often not intended as a primary purpose of the music. For these reasons, it is increasingly the term Electronica - been displaced - a collective term for innovative electronic music.

Major label

The development of IDM was decisively influenced by the British label Warp Records, who made known to a wider public, especially with its known as Artificial Intelligence compilation series by genre.

Other important IDM Label:

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