Warp (record label)

Warp Records is an independent record label for electronic music in the UK.


Warp Records was founded in 1989 by Steve Beckett and Rob Mitchell in Sheffield, but now has its headquarters moved to London. The term WARP originally stood for Weird And Radical Projects, but was later used as an acronym for We Are Reasonable People.

The first release was Forgemasters Track With No Name, and was published in an edition of 500 with the help of a loan. The first publications was stylistic direction for the minimalist, as Bleep & Clonk designated sound. Already the fifth release of LFO LFO reached the Top 20 of the UK single charts with 120,000 units sold. Published in 1991 Warp Records, the first album CCCD (as Vinyl: C.C.E.P. ) by Sweet Exorcist.

The second phase began on Warp Records with the designated as (Artificial Intelligence ) series in which published, among other artists such as Autechre, Aphex Twin and Black Dog Productions. Artificial Intelligence stood for a more varied, more complex sound, which was very limited suitable for clubs.

Since 1998, Warp released increasingly music beyond electronic music. There are also publications by artists, which can be rather attributed to the hip-hop or indie scene. An example is the catalog of publications of the downbeat music Nightmares on Wax, or indie band Gravenhurst.

In January 2004, Warp Records launched the online retailer Bleep.com. Warp waives any Digital Rights Management ( DRM) and is based on using LAME encoded MP3s and FLAC files.


Warp Records true today as a pioneer of the electronica music and is still one of the most important labels of the genre. Many of the formerly unknown artists are among the stars of the scene. In addition, numerous Warp publications, in particular the Artificial Intelligence Series, now the status of classics.

The appearance of Warp publications, the website and Warp Merchandise is already since the early days of the label by The Designers Republic, a group of designers from Sheffield, embossed.

  • !
  • Anti- Pop Consortium
  • Aphex Twin
  • Autechre
  • Battles
  • Bibio
  • Boards of Canada
  • Broadcast
  • Brothomstates
  • CANT
  • Chris Clark ( Clark)
  • Forge Master
  • Flying Lotus
  • Vincent Gallo
  • Gonjasufi
  • Gravenhurst
  • Grizzly Bear
  • Home Video
  • Jamie Lidell
  • Jackson and his computer band
  • Jeremiah Jae
  • Jimmy Edgar
  • Kenny Larkin
  • LFO
  • Luke Vibert
  • Maxïmo Park
  • Mira calix
  • Move D


Warp Records operates some sub-label:

  • Poison Records
  • Lex Records
  • Arcola

Furthermore, the film label Warp exists film.