Thaddeus Herrmann

Thaddeus " Thaddi " Herrmann (born 1972 ) is a German electronica musician, music and technology journalist and label owner from Berlin.


Herrmann joined musical from 1992 in appearance, when he co-founded the band Sonic Subjunkies with Holger Phrack and Rob Marvin, who was best known for their releases on labels Alec Empire Digital Hardcore Recordings (DHR ). Their first EP Suburban Soundtracks Volume 1 was released in 1994 on DHR. Together with Bassdee he had on radio station 98.8 Kiss FM, the radio broadcast Massive.

Herrmann founded in 1998 along with the living in Manchester music retailers Shlom Sviri the record label City Centre Offices (CCO ). Since 2000, Herrmann also operates the small Berlin House Label Just Another Beat.

Together with Christian Kleine he founded in 1999 the project Herrmann & Kleine. In 2003, together with Hans Herrmann and Michael Möller anger the project Boy Robot, whose debut album was released on CCO. Together with anger appeared also some publications as No Movement No Sound No Memories.

Herrmann was by October 2013 editor of the Berlin newspaper De: Bug, "the magazine for electronic aspects of life " and blogs for Engadget Germany. He also hosts the program "Night Flight" at Radio Fritz, a transmitter of the RBB.

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