Turkestan Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic

Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic Turkestan, also known as Turkestan ASSR, was the name of a former Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic. This was between 30 April 1918 and 27 October 1924. Their capital was Tashkent and the population of around 5 million people. Until 1920 there was north of it, the so-called " Alash -Orda State ', and east of it the " Kokander autonomy ".


During the Russian Civil War came in April 1918 on the floor Russian Turkestan and the former General Turkestan Turkestan also a Council of People's Commissars. This exclaimed the Turkestan ASSR and claimed to be the political representation Gesamtturkestans. But his sphere of influence was limited at this time to only a few railway hubs.

The end of 1917 it was put forward by Mir Sultan Galiyev, the influential representatives of the Volga -Urals Tatars within the communist movement, one to be created Turkestan ASSR with the " Tatar - Bashkir Committee " controlled " Great Tatarstan " a communist "Greater Turan " to unite. This requirement Galijews arose from the fact that has already been proclaimed in November and December of the same year in Kokand and Orenburg both the Kokander and the Bashkir and Kirghiz autonomy.

In February 1918, the " Kokander autonomy" de facto was bloody eliminated, and the victorious Red Army taught of the population of the old city Kokander a bloodbath. 1919, the Alash -Orda State was defeated and disbanded in August 1920. At the same time, the " Kokander autonomy" de jure was stopped and slammed the territory of the Turkestan ASSR. The former Alash -Orda - State " Kyrgyz ASSR " was formed, which was incorporated into the settlement area of ​​the Karakalpaks and the Soviet Russia was connected.

In October 1924, the Turkestan ASSR was disbanded after the area had been terrorized since 1916 by the Basmachi. The area was ruled until February 16, 1925 centrally from Moscow and combined with the area of ​​the former General steppe formerly of the Alash -Orda State. This area now bore the name " Kyrgyz Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic." Furthermore, the territory of the former Kokander autonomy has been connected. Thus there were two Kyrgyz areas:

On February 17, 1925, the Uzbek SSR was established in this area. This was bequeathed Turkestan the settlement area of ​​the Karakalpaks and the Tajiks. Furthermore, the former Soviet Republics of Bukhara and Khiva was founded in the Turkmen SSR in their territory by resolution.

On October 25, 1929, the Autonomous Region of Tajiks from the Uzbek SSR was separated and independent Soviet republic, the Tajik SSR, levied.