UJA Maccabi Paris Métropole

The Union de la Jeunesse Arménienne Maccabi Paris Métroipole is a French football club from the capital region. He emerged in the summer of 2012 from a merger between the UJA Alfortville with the Sporting Club d' Maccabi de Paris. The UJA Alfortville d' Founded in 1926 in Alfortville, located adjacent to Creteil on the southern outskirts of Paris, in the department of Val -de- Marne. The SC is part of the Maccabi Jewish sports community.

The club colors are black and yellow. The Ligaelf wearing their home games continue at the Parc des Sports interdépartemental in Choisy -le- Roi, or at the Centre sportif Nelson Mandela from Sarcelles ( 3,500 seats) - and thus at almost " opposite end " of Paris - from; occasionally they also uses the approximately 20,000 guests, the Stade Charléty or the Stade Dominique Duvauchelle - ( space for 12,150 spectators ).

History of the Association

Founded as the UJA 1926 by members of the Armenian community in exile in the metropolitan Paris. Until the 1990s, the UJA Alfortville was one of many local amateur clubs who played for points in the lower leagues. In 1993, Gilles Baudu, owner of a large display sheet publisher, was elected club president who massively supported the UJA, which led to several consecutive ascents of the time -based nor in the tenth league level clubs since 1998. In May 2007 he qualified first for the fifth- ( CFA2 ) twelve months later for the fourth highest league (CFA). After the 2009/10 season, which finished as the runner- Alfortville his CFA group that it was taken instead of the forced Absteigers Racing Strasbourg in the semi-professional National ( D3) from the French association on " green table ". After Strasbourg on the chain of command regained its third league affiliation, the UJA Alfortville remained for the season 2010/11 but also in it, but rose again after one year from. Gilles Baudu is also president of the new UJA Maccabi Paris.

The SC Maccabi was also in 1926, but was only in 1947 officially registered. He always played for decades only in one of the lower regional amateur classes; shortly after the Second World War his league team for several seasons by Edmund Weiskopf was trained.

League membership and achievements

First class (Division 1 since 2002 in Ligue 1 renamed) played neither of the two previous clubs ever. 2013/14 in the fifth league takes the UJAMP ( CFA2 ) to. Also in the cup competition succeeded in only one of the two ( Alfortville ) - and only once - to reach the statewide Main Round: 2008/ 09, however, there already presented in the first division side Le Havre AC Zweiunddreißigstelfinale too high a hurdle for the UJA dar.