United Microelectronics Corporation

UMC ( United Microelectronics Corporation) (Chinese联华 电子, Pinyin Lian Huá Diànzǐ ), listed on the New York Stock Exchange: UMC, and stock Taipei: No. 2303 ) was established on 22 May 1980 as the first Taiwanese semiconductor manufacturer.

The company manufactures ICs for other companies without their own manufacturing capacity ( fabless ) such as ATI Technologies or EMC. With a turnover of approximately U.S. $ 4.34 billion in 2010, it is the world's second largest foundry TSMC behind. The head office and most semiconductor factories are located in Hsinchu, Taiwan. The two modern factories that can process 300 - mm wafers are located in Tainan (Taiwan ) and Singapore.

In the 1990s, sold UMC 80486 processors with the name Green UMC CPU.

In 2003, UMC took control over the Taiwanese company Silicon Integrated Systems (SiS ), which primarily manufactures chipsets.