US5 [ ʌsfaɪv ] is a former international boy band.

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Band History

2005 - creation and debut album

The five male band members were compiled by the U.S. boyband - maker Lou Pearlman and marketed in the seven-part RTL II television series Big in America and internationally. The composition - two Americans, two German and one British - this is aimed directly at the biggest music markets. After Big in America was broadcast in May and June 2005, the beginning of July, the single Maria was released, which debuted at number two on the German singles chart and held four weeks at number one. The other single releases Just Because of You, Come Back to Me Baby and Mom were placed in the top five of the charts, as well as the first album Here We Go, which was certified gold and platinum.

2006 - In Control

After Here We Go - Part 2 Tour in May 2006 US5 were increasingly traveling abroad in order to establish itself as an international band. They were accompanied here by a camera crew that accompanied the group, and then to show her career in Big in America and thus also to provide additional advertising. Aired the show was in the summer of 2006. In September 2006, the first single Mary was published in England, and came for a week in the Top 40 Previously was the single in some Central and Eastern European countries, such as Russia, Poland or the Czech Republic been published. In Germany brought US5 in October 2006, their fifth single now In the club on the market. This was the first single from her second album In Control, which was released in late November and represents a significant musical development in comparison to the first album. Evident is a term coined by R ' n' B " US5- style ". In this album the first time had the other band members - in addition to Jay, who was also involved with the first album the songwriting - with the composing and writing lyrics of the songs. The single debuted at number two, the album ranked number six in the charts.


The second single One Night with You, which was released in January 2007, came in at number two in the German single charts. Early 2007 was awarded after four weeks with gold in Poland 's first album; the second in February, prior to the publication by pre gold status. With her, published in June 2007 Single Rhythm of Life, a uptempo number, they succeeded for the seventh consecutive year, the immediate entry into the top five of the German charts. US5 worked on the expansion of their international career and made ​​numerous promotional events and TV appearances in Asia, including in Japan and Taiwan, true. In October 2007 it was announced that Mikel has left the band because he strives for a solo career. A short time later, Vincent Tomas was introduced as a new member of US5.

2008 - 2009

In August 2008 it was announced that Chris has left the band for health reasons. Since November 2008, Cayce Clayton is the fifth member of US5. In February 2009, Vincent Tomas left the band initially along with Izzy, but Izzy returned in mid-March back. In We Are Family - Special Make US5 again the new band member Jayson Pena was found. The end of 2009, the management Triple -M to dissolve the band due to the lack of success decided. Since then, almost exclusively Jay Khan appears in the so-called fan meeting.





Timeline: band members

  • Tariq Jay Khan (born 31 March 1982) from London, grew up in Berlin, chipped journalism studies, since the age of 16 in the music business (TK- Roxx for Tariq Khan Rocks ), wrote for other bands and US5 (about Overground ) several chart successes. After the dissolution of the band Khan began a solo career.
  • Christopher Richard " Richie" Stringini (born 28 November 1988) of Wheaton, Illinois, previously worked as an actor in several American short films, commercials and Hollywood movies Rule Number One and formerly known as the Child and Youth Model.
  • Christopher Carl Helsby " Izzy " Gallegos ( born September 19, 1983) from Stockton, California, earlier this musician with the band at the time Exact. He left the band in late February 2009, decided in March 2009, but again for the band.
  • Michael " Mikel " Johnson ( born July 18, 1987) from Mainz, trained as an industrial clerk and musicians, previously often occurred as a background dancer. Has the band in the fall of 2007 left.
  • Christopher " Chris " Watrin (born 7 August 1988) from Cologne, made ​​his high school at the high school cross street. Has the band in August 2008 left and now lives in Berlin, where he graduated from high school that opportunity.
  • Vincent " Vince " Tomas ( born August 27, 1989) from Los Angeles, came as the successor to Mikel in the band. He left the band in February 2009.
  • Cayce Clayton ( born December 3, 1988) from Atascadero, California, came as the successor to Chris in the band.
  • Jayson Pena (born 28 October 1990) from New York, came as the successor to Vince in the band.

Among the producers of the group included Lou Pearlman, Mike Michaels, Mark Dollar and Sammy Naja from producer team Triple M Music (including Overground, Ayman and Music Instructor ).


Studio albums



  • Golden Bravo Otto (Super Pop band )
  • Yam! Award Superstar 2005 ( Richie Stringini )
  • German Radio Award ( Best Newcomer Male)
  • ADTV Music - Award for Maria


  • XPress - Award Golden Penguin ( Best Band )
  • Jetix Kids Award ( Best Band )
  • Golden Bravo Otto (Super Pop band )


  • Golden Camera ( Pop International Band)
  • Radio Regenbogen Award ( pop group of the year)
  • Steiger Award ( junior )
  • Vivalicious Style Award
  • XPress - Award Golden Penguin ( Best Song: In the Club )
  • VIVA Comet (Super Band / Event of the Year ) (Poland )
  • Nick Kids' Choice Award ( favorite band )
  • Jetix Kids Award ( Best Band )
  • Golden Bravo Otto (Super Pop band )


  • Ocko Award Best Pop Act and Dance ( Czech Republic)
  • Nick Kids' Choice Award ( favorite band )
  • Jetix Kids Award ( Best Band )
  • Celebrity Magazine Award ( Best Band International)
  • Celebrity Magazine Award ( Best Video: US5 - Round & Round )
  • Silver Bravo Otto ( Superband Pop / Rock )


  • Bronzerner Bravo Otto ( Superband Pop / Rock )