Uta Briesewitz

Uta Briesewitz (* late summer 1967 in Leverkusen ) is a German cinematographer, who is currently working in Hollywood, and most recently did the camera work on such films as The Reign of Shadows and Arthur.


Uta Briesewitz grew up with two siblings as the daughter of an architect and a teacher in Leverkusen. After her painting was brought home as a child, she was interested in early photography and was influenced by the German television and in particular by the work of Rainer Werner Fassbinder and François Truffaut. And so it began after the tenth class an internship at a production company in Cologne and was relatively quickly used as a camera woman for all kinds of productions, including sporting events such as tennis, hockey and football, as well as talk shows. After working for this company three years, she went to Berlin to study at the German Film and Television Academy in Berlin. Parallel she continued to work for television and could thus conclude after four years of their studies successfully in 1990. But since they still only got TV offers after graduation and professionally not arrived, she took the opportunity and began further studies at the American Film Institute, where they refined under lower their craft under Denise Brassard, Robert Primes and Russell Carpenter.

Although with Next Stop Wonderland Brad Anderson made ​​her first American film before the successful completion of their studies, began for them then a time of financial hardship and unemployment, because the few deals that they got were only independent films. She moved to her sister in Brooklyn. After she turned the drama The Scoundrel 's Wife, she was offered the opportunity to work in the television series The Wire. After they took over the camera at 29 episodes, it received more offers, such as the recent feature films Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, The Reign of Shadows and Arthur.

Filmography (selection)


  • 2011: nominated for Best Cinematography for a half-hour series Hung - Lengths better