VDL Bova

VDL Bova, until 2003 independently as Bova, is a Dutch bus manufacturer, part of the VDL Groep.

The company is expanding since 1931 coaches at the headquarters in Valkenswaard. The German office is located in Bueren.

Model range

Bova is best known for the Bova Futura, a coach with a streamlined body, from which a distinctive "belly" on the front results. On the same basic design is based, the luxurious model Bova Magiq.

Then there are the models Bova Bova Lexio and Synergy, which were developed under VDL Director together with sister brands Berkhof Jonckheere and. The Lexio is a bus, which Synergy a double-decker bus.

Bus Bova X-Press

The late 1970s, was developed at Bova with support from the Dutch Ministry of Economic matters in cooperation with the Technical University of Eindhoven, a city bus. This was equipped with a 194 - hp diesel engine of DAF, which was under the floor located in the rear and thereby enabled a low for that time floor of 540 mm above the road surface between the doors. Front and in the middle of a two -bladed 120 mm wide inward-swinging door were ever placed. The X-press had 43 seats and 40 standing passengers. On January 23, 1980, the bus was presented. Only the transport company OAD in Holten ordered 16 copies.


At the IAA 2010 VDL VDL Futura has introduced the model, in which all usage of the brand name Bova. It replaces both the Bova Futura as well as the Magiq.