Who Dares Wins (film)

The command is a British action film from 1982 based on the book The Tiptoe Boys by James Follett.


Special Air Service Captain Peter Skellen is accused of torturing two men, the German GSG 9 member and friend to the American Rangers Member Hagen and discharged from the SAS. These fake release to enable it to enter into a group of terrorists who exploit the peace movement in the interests of a foreign power. Frankie Leith leads to this group and it succeeds Skellen first to win their trust and love.

Other leading terrorist group distrust Skellen and let him shade. She received confirmation that he is playing a double game with them.

To receive the American Secretary of Currie in the U.S. Embassy in London manages the group to bring the local banquet participants in their violence. Skellen they blackmail that the German terrorist Helga and a played by Mark Ryan helper hold his wife and his little daughter hostage. Request by the British government that it should ignite a nuclear bomb on a Scottish military port to show the horrors of the nuclear arms race of the population and thus to force a unilateral disarmament.

Nevertheless Skellen is still anxious to fight the terrorists. He succeeds in making contact with the SAS and the message is simultaneously stormed the liberation of his family. In this case, all the terrorists are killed.


  • Filmdienst: A cynical film, which is noticeable only by its inhuman attitude.
  • Film critic Roger Ebert wrote in the Chicago Sun - Times about The final option (the title in the U.S. theaters ): " Because there are so many errors in the assessment, strategy, behavior and the simplest logic in this film that you eventually gives up and simply just waiting for the end. you know that you have a problem, when the audience knows more about terrorism than the terrorists themselves "
  • Some critics accused the film to reveal a right mind; Sight and Sound described the film as glorifying violence ( " hawkish " )