Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin

Wood County


Wisconsin Rapids is a city ( with a status of "City" ) and the administrative seat of Wood County in the U.S. state of Wisconsin. In 2010, Wisconsin Rapids had 18,367 inhabitants.


Wisconsin Rapids is located at 44 ° 24 'north latitude and 89 ° 50 ' west longitude, extends over 36.5 km ²; 34.3 km ² of it land area; along the Wisconsin River at an altitude of 306 meters above the sea level.

The nearest large towns are Wausau (70 km north ), La Crosse (about 150 km southwest), Eau Claire ( about 155 miles west), Fond du Lac ( about 155 km south-east ) and Green Bay (about 155 km east ). Madison, the capital of the state is located about 170 km south and Chicago, the nearest big city, located about 380 km south-east.


Through the city lead the Wisconsin Highways 13, 34, 73 54And on the northern edge of the city of Wisconsin Highway 66 starts and 20 km east extend the Interstate 39 and U.S. Highway 51 on the same route.

The city is connected to the network of the Canadian National.

The Central Wisconsin Airport is located 50 kilometers north of the city.


The Anishinabe called the area "Ad -dah -wah- gam " ( " two-sided rapids " ) because the rapids in the river were divided by a large rock formation. Although the Europeans as early as 1830 began, the area to settle, the name " Wisconsin Rapids " is in use only since the 1920s. Before there were two by the Wisconsin River separate communities, " Centralia " and " Grand Rapids ". 1900, these communities united to form city of Grand Rapids. The city was renamed in 1920 in Wisconsin Rapids as it very often was confused with the famous village of Grand Rapids, Michigan in postal and delivery of goods.


According to the census in 2010 lived in Wisconsin Rapids 18,367 people in 8296 households. The population density was 535.5 inhabitants per square kilometer. In the 8296 households lived statistically 2.17 per person.

The racial the population was composed of 92.2 percent white, 0.7 percent African American, 1.0 percent Native American, 3.7 percent Asian and 0.9 percent from other ethnic groups; 1.5 percent were descended from two or more races. Regardless of ethnicity were 2.9 percent of the population are Hispanic or Latino of any race.

22.8 percent of the population were under 18 years old, 57.4 percent were between 18 and 64 and 19.8 percent were 65 years or older. 52.2 percent of the population was female.

The median annual income for a household was $ 37,150. The per capita income was $ 21,310. 15.9 percent of the population lived below the poverty line.

Memorable people

  • Ken Anderson (born 1976 ), professional wrestler and actor, known as "Mr. Anderson "
  • Bonnie Bartlett ( born 1929 ), actress,
  • James Daly (1918-1978), actor,
  • Philleo Nash (1909-1987), professor, anthropologist and Lieutenant Governor of Wisconsin,
  • Grim Natwick (1890-1990), animator and film director,