Ypsilanti (Michigan)

Washtenaw County


Ypsilanti [ ɪpsɨlænti ] is a city of Washtenaw County in the U.S. state of Michigan.

It lies at the crossing of the Michigan Avenue on the Huron River about 7.5 km from the the county seat ( county seat ) Ann Arbor and located about 60 km west of Detroit. On a total area of 11.7 square kilometers live 19,435 inhabitants ( 2010), giving a population density of 1,698 inhabitants / km ².


The place was named after Demetrius Ypsilanti, a participant in the independence war in Greece against the Turks.


1809 the town was founded as a trading post. Since 1823 the city under the name of Woodruff 's Grove was inhabited throughout the year. 1825 was established adjacent to the place Ypsilanti. Woodruff 's Grove and Ypsilanti joined together in 1829 under the name Ypsilanti. The Michigan State Normal School (now Eastern Michigan University) was founded in 1849. 1890, the tram link between Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor was opened as the first city -wide tramway line.


Ypsilanti's economy was dominated by the automotive industry. Between 1920 and 1922 cars of the brand ACE produced by Apex engine. The Ypsilanti Machine Tool Company of Preston Tucker developed the prototype of the " Tucker Torpedo cars ". This story was by Francis Ford Coppola in the film Tucker: The Man and His Dream processed.

1945 acquired Henry J. Kaiser and Joseph W. Frazer Ypsilanti 's Willow Run, where the B-24 Liberator bombers were built, and began 1947 with the production of cars of the brand Kaiser and Frazer. In 1953 the company was acquired by Willys -Overland and the production was stopped at the site Ypsilanti. General Motors took over the production and produced since then as " Powertrain division", formerly " Hydra -Matic division", automatic transmission in " Willow Run Assembly Plant ". GM Powertrain also maintains a development center in Ypsilanti, but which is successively transferred to the new development center in Pontiac (Michigan).


Who teaches at Eastern Michigan University psychologist Milton Rokeach published his essay The Three Christs of Ypsilanti after an experiment of 1959, in which he faced three psychiatric patients, all considered themselves to be Jesus to each other in a room.

In 1962, the school psychologist David P. Weikart the High / Scope Perry Preschool Project.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Edward P. Allen, politicians
  • Iggy Pop ( born 1947 ), civil James Newell "Jim" Osterberg, punk rock musicians
  • Barbara Morrison (born 1951), jazz singer
  • Shara Worden ( born 1974 ), singer and multi-instrumentalist