1940 United States Census

The United States Census of 1940 was the sixteenth census in the USA since 1790. As a result of counting a total population of 132 164 569 population was calculated for the United States to date, April 1, 1940. Around 7.3 % more than at the 1930 census.

The data contain information on the name, the residential address, relationship to head of family, gender, race, age, marital status ( and, if married, age at first marriage), place of birth and the parents, school, education, reading and language ability (the latter for immigrants), occupation and industry, as well as the work week or the duration of unemployment and the annual income. For household was asked whether it was a farm or a house, to property ( the value was also determined ) or to rent negotiated ( then was the rent applicable). Furthermore, if a radio in the household was present.

Data are available since 2012, as referred to in Title 13 of the federal legislation, the data is available to the public only after the expiry of 72 years.