1890 United States Census

The United States Census 1890 was the eleventh census in the United States since 1790. " Census Day" was 1st Juni 1890.


The United States Census 1890, from the June 2, 1890 carried out by the Home Office of the United States, the official " Census Day" but was June 1, 1890, a Sunday. 47000 Data Collector and 175 supervisors were entrusted with the collection of data. With the further developed by Herman Hollerith punch card technology, the analysis of the questionnaires could be greatly accelerated. After the evaluation of the Census in 1880 had lasted eight years, the evaluation of this Census was successfully completed after one year.

Of the original documents of the Census is only a small fraction present. After 1896 on the orders of the Interior Ministry already destroyed part of the data and another part was damaged in a fire, burned a large part of the data in a fire in January 1921. 25 % of the data were destroyed directly by fire, another 50% by fire, fire water and smoke damaged. Through these events, the call for a national archive was loud in the public debate. Nevertheless, in 1934, the last remaining original documents were destroyed by order of Congress.


The total population of the United States was during the year 1890 62.947.714 inhabitants, these were 12,791,931 more than in the previous census in 1880., Representing an increase of 25.5%. With an area of ​​3,021,295 square miles, resulting in a population density of 21.2 people per square mile.