1900 United States Census

The United States Census 1900 was the 12th census of the United States since 1790. " Census Day" was 1st Juni 1900.


The United States Census 1900 was conducted in 1900 in the then 45 states of the United States from the United States Census Bureau, under the direction of William Rush Merriam. " Census Day" and become the official date for the survey was 1 Juni 1900. Involved in the data collection were 52 871 people, the total cost amounted to $ 11,854,000. The questionnaire consisted of 28 questions on ethnicity, gender, children, etc. The final report consisted of 10,925 pages.


The total population of the United States on June 1, 1900 was 75,994,575 inhabitants (excluding Alaska and Hawaii). This represents an increase of 13,046,861 inhabitants ( or 20.7 %) since the last census in 1890. With an area of ​​3,021,295 square miles, the population density was 25.6 people per square mile.

In 1900, 51.2 % of all American citizens were male, 48.8 % female. Overall, the population consisted of 66,990,688 inhabitants Caucasians, African Americans 8840789, 119.050 residents of Chinese descent, 86,000 residents of Japanese descent and 266 760 descendants of the Native Americans. 50,104,448 people claimed to be descendants of native-born parents, at 26,198,939 persons at least one parent was born abroad. A total of 21,074,079 people, both parents were born abroad, of these 408 195 people had parents who were both born in Austria, 6,214,799 had parents who were both born in Germany and 187 924 people had parents who were born in Switzerland were. 10,460,085 people claimed to have been born abroad, of these 276 702 were born in Austria, 2,669,164 in Germany and 115 959 in Switzerland.