1930 United States Census

The United States Census 1930, the fifteenth census in the USA since 1790. As a result, the count was for the U.S. to date, April 1, 1930 ( the census was carried out in the complete April ) had a total population of 122 775 046 inhabitants determined. Approximately 13.7 % more than the census 1920. The most populous state was New York (with about 12.6 million inhabitants ), the state with the lowest population Nevada (about 91,000 inhabitants).

The data contain information on the name, the residential address, relationship to head of family, gender, race, age, marital status ( and, if married, age at first marriage), place of birth and the parents, school attendance, reading and language ability (the latter for immigrants), occupation and industry, and veteran status. For household was asked whether it was a farm or a house, to property ( the value was also determined ) or to rent negotiated ( then was the rent applicable). Furthermore, if a radio in the household was present.

For immigrants was charged separately, what language was originally maintained ( abroad), the year of immigration and whether a naturalization took place.

For the indigenous population was raised whether it came from a genuine marriage or intermarriage of the parents and what tribe they belonged to.

The data to be downloaded both as micro data and aggregated data at the National Historical Geographic Information System. The data is still stored on microfiche.