1910 United States Census

The United States Census 1910 was the thirteenth census of the United States since 1790. As a result of counting a population of 92,228,496 inhabitants, has been determined for the United States to date April 15, 1910. Compared to the 1900 census, the population had grown by 21 percent.

The data contain information on the name, home address, family relationship to head of family, gender (women born population and living children ), race, age, marital status (if married years ), place of birth, mother tongue and mother tongue of parents, immigrant: immigration year, language ability, occupation and industry (possibly unemployment), literacy, school attendance, information on housing, whether rented or owned, whether farmhouse ( "farm" ) or house, veteran status ( Confederate or Unionierte army or navy ), disability ( blind, deaf or deaf-mute ).

The data are stored as microfiche and can be evaluated even for scientific analysis today.